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  1. bride2b10, thank you for the information I will e-mail about the spa reservations and I will try not to stress..
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Maegan606 Ladies- Does anyone have a detailed description of the step by step order of the ceremony? I am trying to make my program for our legal ceremony. However, Xhail has not returned any of our emails for the past 2 weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! =) I would love this information too. I'm struggling with my programs because I can't seem to get a response from my WC It's not like I can design and print them once in Mexico....
  3. My wedding is 12 days away. I am leaving in 5 days. I still can't really get any answers from my WC (Claudia) I know it'll be fine and fabulous and it'll all work out and I'm trying not to stress but there are just a few important things that I need to know before I go... If anyone can answer, I'd be forever grateful We are doing strawberry passion package.. i still don't know the location of my ceremony/reception .. I know it's on the beach but my questions for the past few months have gone unanswered as to location. Is this normal How do I tell my guests where to
  4. The brochure is fantastic. I'm pretty much copying your design.. it's so great!! can you tell me though, on the inside, left, what's the section titled at the bottom (underneath the carry on luggage section) .. thanks!
  5. fantastic job!! if you could can you post or PM the information you included on the english to spanish brochure?
  6. OK .. seems the original code is now expired but code FIRST10 works for $10 off (on your first order)
  7. Coupon doesn't work for me... says, "There is no current promotion associated with the code you entered. Please check the code and try again" anyone have this problem?
  8. bikegirl is right. Those are fakes. Coach doesn't use those red boxes. burden of proof here is on the seller
  9. my paypal refund finally got deposited into my account. It was pending for quite a while. I'm just glad this is all over with and eveyrone hs either getting a refund, or getting their stuff. (I did not ever receive my stuff, but at this point a refund is good enough for me)
  10. those who said you get 2 free checked bags -- which airlines are you flying on? I didn't think any of the big airlines offered free checked bags anymore (except southwest, but I don't think they fly there)
  11. I ordered 22 oz stadium cups at Discount Favors with the setup fee and shipping it was $104 for 100 cups. I used code SALE04 to bring the cost down 5% so it was $99 and change. here's the link https://www.discountfavors.com/plast...dium-cups.html The cups were $50.00 (for 100) the shipping was $14.99 and processing setup was $39. Minimum order is 100. EDIT: I just noticed they don't ship to canada so if you went with them you would have to get shipped to a US address....
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