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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by liznsergio Geeeeeeeeeeez Girl, seriously?? All I've heard are good things about these necklaces from brides who have purchased them from you....and if you recall, I mentioned to u that, I myself wondered where you got them when you posted pics of your BM's, because i LOVED the way they looked on them!!!! Anyhow, not sure how somebody gets on their soapbox about why, when where, etc..lol..when I'm sure lots of the brides on this forum are looking for budget/quality items...even if it means buying knockoffs....sooooooo many brides even purchase a REPLICA of their dream wedding dress! My gosh, and if someone doesn't like the necklaces, then they should just MOVE ON to the next thread! LOL OK enough venting for one night...lol. Syl, I just want to know if you mailed mine yet ) LOL!!!!!!! lol. Yes love, I mailed them to you this AM priority so you should get them within 3 days
  2. Tonir... do you ever know when to stop? Like I told you before Ive never sold anything to you, and if any brides had a problem with their necklaces then they should of emailed me and I would of addressed it. I gave the single starfish necklaces to all my guests, they are nowhere near tacky or cheap looking like you claim they were. If they were I wouldn't of gave them to my guests. Tacky, cheap or cheesey do not go with the type of person I am. Now if you are trying to help a bride out... Im still trying to figure out how you are trying to help, instead you continue to come back and speak about nonsense. Like I said it before, I will say it again for the last time, if a bride doesn't like what they see they dont have to buy it-- Quote: Originally Posted by Tonir This is exactly why I didn't say anything to begin with, but other brides emailed me after they saw my previous post and said that you had also told them, like you told me, that these were Tiffany necklaces and that you just wanted to get rid of them. If they want to post on here too - that's their choice. Obviously I shouldn't have been so trusting. I REALLY did not want to start drama, I just think we should be honest on this post. If they are from your wedding, fine. If not, and you just want to sell necklaces, that's fine too, but just be honest. I'm not trying to start drama, I hate it, I just think people should be informed especially if the question was not answered publically. You did sell me necklaces (not these but from your other post last year - the solo starfish necklaces that you were selling with the cufflinks), along with the brown dress you were selling before. Okay no more drama - my last post on this! Just trying to help some other brides out.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Stephanie~ I just got my necklaces today and they are perfect! Thanks so much! Aww Stephanie.. Im glad you liked them!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by roo66 The Tiffany three star necklaces ARE on the Tiffany site they are over $600 each!! I dont want to cause trouble either. No one in there right mind would sell genuine goods at such a greatly reduced price. I opologize in advance if i have done you an injustice But i do think if an offer seems to good to be true then it probably is. Again if you are happy to purchase sterling siver jewelry check out ebay where they are being sold for $4 with free shipping. I agree, if you find them for cheaper please by all means buy them on Ebay. And just so you know, NOT once did I mention they were Tiffany, I said they were just $13.00 jewelry. Why would I sell 600.00 Tiffany necklaces for $13.00? lol
  5. Thanks for all the brides who have supported me with this Tonir bride who is obviously obsessed with my necklaces. Tonir, I have NEVER sold anything to you, I dont even know who you are or why you feel the need to try to attack me or even claim that you bought something from me. I dont ever recall mailing anything to you or even speaking with you with regard to the necklaces that I have for sale. I have sold several of them to several brides and not once have I gotten a complaint from anyone, as a matter of fact, feel free to read my positive feedback from the brides i did sell them too. I dont see why you continuously keep coming into this thread and commenting, nobody obviously cares what you have to say, its so last season! Stop dragging this on more than you already have. If you feel that you dont need my help and that this thread is not for you, then stop coming back!!! This site is suppose to be about helping brides with a dream wedding and helping everyone find good deals not coming on here and arguing or being a negative person towards other brides... If any other bride finds a better deal on any necklace or anything that they are trying to buy for cheaper more power to them, Im all for great finding. If you found those 3 star necklaces for $4.00 and you like them on ebay, please feel free to buy them from ebay, by all means Im not "MAKING" anyone buy anything from me. I got married in June and I used this site for tons of my planning, I am just trying to pay it forward to the future brides. I came back and wrote my review i shared tons of information I posted my budget, etc... I had absolutely no need to waste my time and do all this but its because I really want all cancun brides to get a great deal. I didnt sell all my things after my wedding, as you can see Im still selling my runners, etc.. Anyhow, I dont owe anyone an explanation about why I didnt sell my things all at once... lol To the rest of the brides of BDw, I am so sorry that this thread has turned into some drama thread.... Geez! Lets all move on from me...
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by bridej9 I was one of those lucky brides to get 4 necklaces and they are perfect for the occassion and sterling silver, the price and quality was well worth it! Thanks again. Thank you!!! Im not trying to cause an argument over some necklaces but if a bride isn't interested they just dont buy them.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tonir I've never seen these at Tiffany. Also where do you keep getting all of this jewelry? This is obviously not still left over from your wedding. Tonir... Just so you know I was a Swine Flu Bride... I had over 150 guests attending my wedding and most of them canceled leaving me with 36 or so guests, so I do have tons of things left over from my wedding that I was going to hand out to my guests. So since I do, Im selling them and trying to give another bride the chance to buy them. So for you to say its obvious!! Im not understanding what your trying to say!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by liznsergio Hi Syl. Let me know about the single starfish necklace and the $ clips. Email me at lizhernandez79@hotmail.com thanks chica ) Liz, I sent you a paypal invoice and you already paid me. hahah
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by PynkLemonade I'm interested in the starfish necklaces, at least 5 or 6, but are they bracelets or necklaces. I'll send you a PM as well. They are necklaces not bracelets..
  10. HI ladies, I have twenty of each.. They are super cute. If your interested please PM me.
  11. Here is a photo of it... I was able to lay it across a table for 8 people, the round ones. Then at the long main table I just place it in the center of it
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by damaris Cancunbride thanks for sending me the hairpiece so quickly. I love it and can't wait to wear it. My FSIL also wants to use it for her wedding next year in Punta Cana LOL!! I am super excited that you love it and are going to pass it on! Yaaaa... congrats
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by NikkiT. Can you send a picture of the dress to my email? nt31@earthlink.net Thanks! Nikki its in my review... and at the beginning of this thread. Il email it to you
  14. I still have not sold my satin Zebra table runners.. If anyone is interested, I think I have 7 of them. Take them for $40.00
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Cindy* I realize this is a very old thread, do you still have the shoes. I didn't see on here that anyone bought them. If so, please let me know. Thanks. Hello Cindy.. The Shoes have been sold!! lol I still have necklaces ladies.
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