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  1. Do a test run using regular sand. Or use your own sand, and pour it back into a re-sealable container. I only want to do this once - can anyone suggest how to get it home in one piece?? Would using a sealant like epoxy or something work, maybe?? Or is it best just to fill it to the brim and let the sand settle?? I figured we'd pour a layer of beach sand in the bottom at the start of our ceremony, then pouring our two colours in layers, then letting it settle for a couple days before pouring more sand in the top before we go to even it out and pack it as full as possible...
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lalanyc I love them! And now I will obsess about cake toppers for the next hour... Ha ha!! Thats how I would up with this one - we originally didn't even want a cake topper - but I saw the ones PassionArte made, and said to my FI, "But honey, we aren't bring down any decorations, and the resort only provides a generic cake topper, and if we get one of these it will be a cute personalized memento of our wedding day!!" lol...
  3. **Mods, can you maybe erase the text in my first post and write pics below? Or something??***
  4. Ok, here they are again!!! What do you think ? Again... the seller is Unique Wedding itemsGiftCute clay sculptures by PassionArte on Etsy.
  5. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask your guests to pay for lunch - as long as you make that clear before you go. If it was me, I'd be glad someone else was paying for the excursion and I wouldn't mind paying for the lunch! Also - I know my family at least is the type to grab a couple extra bananas from the buffet and bring them with rather than pay for a lunch - perhaps some of your guests would feel the same.
  6. drat!!! I will fix the pics later when I get home... Thanks ladies..
  7. Raquelle GlitterTush... lol!!
  8. ok so its more like 1200 calories for a mostly inactive healthy adult, and closer to 1600 for a very active healthy adult. good luck!!!
  9. Wow!! Congrats on all the loss!! Good for you - getting your butt to the gym... but is 1000 calories a day really healthy? From what I've read, a normal, healthy, active woman needs to eat closer to 1600 calories a day... Just be careful - it would suck to lose all that weight and then realize that you are malnutritious and destroying your muscle and bone density along with that evil, evil fat!!
  10. LOL This is the sea turtle cake topper we had made from Etsy - I think its cute, what do you ladies think?? We decided that since we aren't bringing any decorations, and the resort doesn't provide a topper for the cake (except for a very generic one), we thought it would be fun to have our own cake topper - and the sea turtle theme is kind of subtle throughout the wedding - so sea turtles it is!! The seller is PassionArte on Etsy. The mice she does are completely adorable, and I think she did a great job with the turtles! Somebody let me know if the pics are working - I can't see them at work. if you can't see them either -try clicking the direct link. Thnkx!!! _______________ Copied from post below: Ok, here they are again!!! What do you think ? Again... the seller is Unique Wedding itemsGiftCute clay sculptures by PassionArte on Etsy.
  11. I am doing blue and green - specifically a cobalt/sapphire blue and a bright, lime green. I love the look - its so bright and tropical, and it won't fade into the background. We're going fairly easy on the decor, though, so I may not be able to help all that much. I can try to look up my inspiration pics and send you some pics of what we've got going on, if you like. Just let me know. I do plan on doing a planning thread, but not for about a month or so yet.
  12. I went to high school in Owen Sound, I left almost 5 years ago. Its true, its an absolutely GORGEOUS area to live, especially if you like the outdoors and are willing to take advantage of it! Tobermory and the island up on the peninsula are wonderful, too. Playa Pesquero has a lot of great reviews, adn there is lots of info here on the forum. We strongly considered it, but its enormous, and we wanted a smaller resort for our group. On the other hand, that could be good for you, as the larger resorts might have a bit more ability to work with you for your wedding. And when we talked to them, Yaly was very good at responding quickly, which is rare for most wedding coordinators! Have fun planning!!
  13. I used to live in Owen Sound!!! My resort also has a vegetarian restaurant, but its also in Holguin. However, if you do find one in the Havana or Varadaro area, you might want to check that it is open all year - or at least during your wedding week. At my restaurant, a lot of reviews mention that the vegetarian restaurant isn't open during most of the year - only during peak season. But to my understanding - isn't there usually enough choice at the restaurants or at the buffets that there are vegetarian options? Maybe you should just pick one that you like, instead of trying to find a good vegetarian option - or maybe you can talk to your resort and find out if they offer options for vegetarians. Good lucK!
  14. If it helps, we paid the deposit for our guests to hold x number of seats. They then had to call and make thier own travel arrangements and pay thier own deposits before the final payment date - maybe you can do something like this to hold the cheaper rate? When is your wedding??
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