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  1. thx ladies....if interested just come see it, doesnt hurt...it needs dry cleaning but its still in a nice condition
  2. NyBeachBride

    PPR Punta Cana Wedding Review!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lilian8989 Hi Thanks for posting- your wedding looks great:-) I'm consider to have my wedding at PPR as well- as you mentioned it cost you $9,500.00 for the wedding for 30 people- was it include your room too? Or was it just for the wedding itself? Please advise- many thanks in advance:) just the wedding itself...but not including the photographer either
  3. no problem mannia, keep on rockin'!!
  4. NyBeachBride

    PPR Punta Cana Wedding Review!!

    thx so much!!
  5. Please check out the adds below for details and pictures and prices. FYI--Prices are very negotiable!!! PM me if you are interested!! DRESS- Maggie Sottero Amour Brooch | Recycled Bride CATHEDRAL VEIL- Cathedral Veil | Recycled Bride MEDIUM LENGTH VEIL- Veil For Sale | Recycled Bride
  6. NyBeachBride

    PPR Punta Cana Wedding Review!!

    awww thank you girlie, maggie sottero, amour brooch, i am sellign it if you are interested, good condition, selling both veils also in perfect condition
  7. NyBeachBride

    Song for the sand ceremony?

    my song was the instrumental to the mary j, be without you..the beat was sooooooooo perfect!
  8. NyBeachBride

    PPR Punta Cana Wedding Review!!

    ladies.....heres more pics!!!! all from photosouvenir...i finally made an amatur slide show Wedding Pics by Diana
  9. thx ladies, and yes the shoes were a steal lol
  10. fyi, for bedbathandbeyond, if you register with them and people buy you stuff from the registry, if you return it you get cash back, only if its on ur registry!!! i registered for towels and ranmdom stuff i actually didnt want just to have a registry and when people bought doubles and stuff, i ended up returnign alot and got cash back which was great! we put that towards the honeymoon
  11. thx karla.. ladies dont forget to check out my review and pics
  12. the long one or the short one? both veils are white, its a soft white. both are one tier and have scattered rhinestons on them. check out my review for pics, if you need more PM me your email address. the siggy shows the long one
  13. NyBeachBride

    Sand ceremony picture frame box

    Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 i thought you glued the second and third piece? wouldnt you put the pic on the second piece of glass? yes you glue the 2nd and 3rd glass. so you are able to remove the 1st glass. the picture is taped on top of the 2nd glass. so when u remove the 1st glass it gives u access to the pic. ladies, check out this thread. when i found the frame i made this thread. i even have pics of before and after http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...84/index8.html
  14. NyBeachBride

    sand ceremony frame!!! i found it!!

    no problem. i only bought one pouch of blue sand and i think i used less than half of it. the other half of the sand was directly for the beach in DR. they sell the pouched in micheals
  15. i am selling my maggie for 500 cash. will even sell to multiple people if some are willing to share for TTD. one buyer said theyll pay 250 and share it if another buyer will pay 250 as well. may be best for NJ or NY buyers, can even come over to try it on. it was a size 16 but i got it altered to a size 10-12. it has a corset tie up back so it can be more loose or more tight depending on the body type. it is in nice condition for a bride but needs dry cleaning. even after i did the trash the dress it still photographed perfectly white. can be for someone with height of 5'3 without or up to 5'6 with heels. PM for anymore details. picture in siggy. also selling cathedral veil and veil up to half my back. both for 100 each or negotiable