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  1. I just had my wedding 10.9 at the Punta Cana Princess, we did our TTD with photosouvenir it was amazing!! Let me know if you want to see any pics or need any info!
  2. I had so much fun at my BD shoot.. It was an awesome pampering day. Got my hair and makeup done at the studio. I felt like a star. My photog (sarah from Posh Portraits) made me feel so comfortable and Sexy! DH is a police Sgt. and i think those shots came out the best! Â Love my pics! Â Â
  3. I actually didn't love level 3... I felt like it was too easy so I must not have been doing it right... LOVE!!! level 2 though!!
  4. 15 years he's 43 I'm 28... I started my career at 19 bought my first house before I turned 21 bought a brand new car and paid it off before I met him... People ask all the time why I didn't go for a guy more my age... I wanted someone as established as I was. I didn't want to have to deal with a recent college graduate who is unstable in lifestyle and career... He's perfect for me Not only is he that much older... he outranks me at work. That gold sergeant badge totally does it for me
  5. So I just got this new Droid Eris from Verizon... One of the widgets you can download is a Countdown!! I'm so pumped.. right there on my homepage of my phone it tells me I have 116 days til my wedding!! It's so cool!! Just thought if anyone else loved counting down the days like I do, you might be interested in downloading this!
  6. Thanks Ladies... We are getting beach bags... FI loved the idea of giving everyone bags with our logo on it, and he loves that they will be a different color than the ones the resort gives you. Thanks for the input though (if it were just up to me, I'd do the paper bags... the compromising begins...)
  7. I am planning OOT bags and had totally planned the whole time to buy beach bags and fill them with stuff.. well... At PCP the resort gives you a beach bag!! Of course it's got a princess logo on it, (not my self designed wedding logo) but Should I spend the money to buy bags when the resort already gives you a bag?? Now I'm thinking maybe I'll just buy cheap paper gift bags to put all the stuff in to give everyone, and just let them use the princess tote for going to the beach... What do you guys think??
  8. July 10th is also my parents wedding anniversary! I love that date!! I Did level 1 today for the first time in about a month (i've been running since we've had such great weather here) Holy cow... I'm sore in places I forgot about! Gotta Love Jillian!!
  9. Great Post Krista... Totally agree... By the way your wedding is my FI birthday!
  10. Sometimes it can be as easy as changing up the music in your ipod.. I know it sounds dumb, but I have this "running music" I always listen to when I run, but after about a month or so I have to change up a lot of the songs, get something new a fresh in there... Also with the spring/summer weather being here now, get outside... Go to the park, I bought a bike this year (it's a cute cruiser bike with a basket and a bell), I don't drive my car anywhere less than what a 5 minute drive would be.. I do like the idea of a pole dancing class too... Such a great work out from what i've heard and so much fun! Keep up the good work! It's so worth it!
  11. Keep up the great work ladies... I'm down 26 lbs! I went bathing suit shopping shortly before christmas and cried in the fitting room... Last week I bought a Brand New Bikini!!!! I feel so great! Keep it up! It's so worth it!!!
  12. Don't let that 2.5lbs get you down... Don't get addicted to the scale. Do the work out, appreciate the fact that you are getting healthy. Those inches are important but measure them by the way your clothes fit, the way you look in the mirror, and the way you feel! It's not all about the numbers, Keep up the hard work it will pay off!
  13. Keep up the great work ladies!!! It's so worth it!!!
  14. You can do it!!! Stick with it and it will all be worth it... Another little tip, by stock in tylenol LOL You're gonna need a lot of it!
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