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  1. Oh wow! I didn't realize this thread was still going strong almost 4 years later! I'm glad so many people had good experiences!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by classadiva BTW...for those whom ordered or are ordering these suits...what are you doing for shirts? Are you ordering the shirts from this company too? We just picked out a plain white shirt that was available from the JCPenny website in a lot of sizes since we had so many groomsmen all over the country.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Dominicana06 hey i loved your review.. congratulations.. question where did you get the orange paper to make the save the dates. i just loved your colors.. thanks Thanks! I got it from Blue Dot Paper Shop | Paper Products to Inspire You | Home
  4. Everything looked great and it sounds like you had fun!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by msmoodyr Hi, ladies any new pics?? The picture in my siggy is DH wearing the Natural Linen color.
  6. I LOVE Salma Hayek. For some reason she is like the sexiest woman to me. For a whole package, I like Heidi Klum. She seems intelligent and realy genuine. Plus her relationship with Seal is so cute!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by meseh Hi Foxybride, thanks so much for the review it was very helpful and your wedding pictures look amazing! I want to have my wedding at Caesars palace in the venus or Juno gardens, do you have any input about that? Also I wanted to have a in suite reception being that it will only be 10-15 of us, did the hotel know that you had food catered? Where did you get the coupons for the various things that you did? Thanks in advance. The Venus gardens are gorgeous. I haven't seen Juno yet but I'm sure it's just as nice. PH isn't as strict on the outside food ven
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by meseh Hello again foxybride, I have another question if you dont mind. Was the food that you had catered exspensive and was the suite at planethollywood exspensive? I found a promo code on Facebook that got me the Panorama Suite for $568/night. It usually goes for $679 on weekends but I've seen it as low as $199 on weekdays. We used Big Mama's for food which is a local soul food spot and they were super reasonable. It as a little over $500 for food and beverages for 40 people.
  9. You have the same color scheme as me! I did orange jackets and blue envelopes for my passes. They came out great!
  10. We did an insuite reception at one of the Panorama Suites at Planet Hollywood. You may want to look into those or the Vista or Media Suite at Mandalay Bay.
  11. Whoo August will be hot for sure! Happy planning and if you have any questions. be sure to ask!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Jananaz Viva Las Vegas and Viva FoxyBride!! Congratulations! You looked gorgeous! I love your cake too, turned out perfect even though it was last minute. And I love that you had soul fool at your reception. Care to share what you had so I can drool a bit? You said DH is from Cleveland... I lived there last year and just looooved going to Hot Sauce Williams. Enough about food... hehe. Congratulations again!! DH was adament we not have the standard chicken breast with sauce...LOL. We had rib tips, links, barbeque chicken, yams, greens, mac & chees
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by shan13 Congrats!!! I am so glad everything was well. Thanks for the review..since we changed to not having any guests just another couple(friends)..I am thinking of using the GlamSquad for makeup..but I think I am gonna go to a local beautician recommended to me by someone who lives there...or do you think GS can handle a bun? Congrats again!!! If you go with GlamSquad your hair has to be washed and straightened beforehand so they should be able to do any style no problem. It's only $35 more to get them to do the hairstyle along with the makeup so I'd
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by autjo Wow you looked so amazing! And I love the picture in front of the Las Vegas sign. Thanks for such a detailed review. These mean so much to the girls getting married in Vegas. We are getting legally married there next Saturday and I was just thinking I needed a place for a pedi... and now I have a recommendation! Stunning bride, great review, we need more pics! Thanks ) If you decide to go there, ask for Tweety. She's the owner/manager. She works fast and she's the one with the power to upgrade.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Ms325i Thanks for the info! I think the so-so reviews I read were from people who had the un-renovated rooms. From your brief stay at M did you manage to see if they have an outside area that is suitable for weddings? The M so far just does weddings in one of it's ballrooms. They don't have a garden or lawn area that would be suitable.
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