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  1. Hello ladies!! I am wishing any January brides the best with their wedding!! I am going back to Royal for our anniversary in May and hopefully I'll see one of your wedding there!! I can't believe it has been almost a year! I would absolutely recommend Maya Diseno Floral! I loved the flowers...just to clarify, we did have to pay for the vendor fee and the WC set the flowers up for us after they dropped the flowers off. I would just leave everything to your WC and they will take care of it. My bouquet was from the Royal and it was very beautiful!! I liked that we were able to rent th
  2. Raveyn, that's just NUTS. i'm surprised he still has a business! Your makeup looked great so glad it worked out in the end! Jess, saw the teaser. I LOVE it! I had my ceremony by Pelicanos and people were walking by behind us but they did keep their distance. One thing I didn't like is that a reception was already set up right next to the ceremony so you could see empty tables and chairs and there were some people already sitting down. That's only thing I didn't like but we had a beautiful ceremony so it was all good!
  3. omg, i love everything!!! your invites are off the hook. you're going to be a radiant bride!!
  4. aww Lisa, congrats and you had a beautiful wedding! you looked fabulous!! LOVED your makeup. to recent brides, CONGRATS!! future Dec brides, good luck and everything will be great!
  5. I got the flip flops from Endless. I don't think they are still in stock. I can't remember the name of the shoes. Sorry. I do have the shell holders, 6 of them so please PM me if you are interested buying them. I never used them for the wedding. Quote:Originally Posted by dominiqueamber Can you tell me please where the shell candle holders and the bridesmaid flip flops came from?? you are welcome!! Quote:Originally Posted by acireta what a great planning thread, and what a beautiful wedding!  i have to say thank you so so much for posting your ama
  6. everything looks fabulous! i wish you guys the best and a beautiful wedding!!! p.s. love the shoutout!
  7. Yay, Jess, have an amazinggggg wedding!!! II bet you are going to be a beauitful bride! Waiting for the pictures already!
  8. Lol Lisa isn't it funny that your MOH ends up being drunk?! My cousin's brother ended up totally plastered at my cousin's bachelor's party. It is funny. Love jello shots!!
  9. just wanted to post an update...finally, i got to deal with this issue. Social Security office accepted our marriage certificate and the DMW office did not need the certificate...all they wanted is the new SS card. So i am very happy that we didn't have to get re-married or file a formality that we are married! our marriage is not with our county's clerk records though but that is ok. Do your research on marriages performed out of the country. it would save you some headaches!
  10. good luck with all of November brides! just wanted to update you guys on my situation with our marriage not being recognized by the county we live in...we thought we had to get re-married in order to get my last name changed but we did not have to! Social Security office accepted our Mexican marriage certificate and DMW office didn't need the certificate, only the new SS card. I am so relieved! Yay! I would still check with your state/county to see what the rules are on marriages performed out of the country.
  11. Jess, wow, I love everything! I so so love your dress. You are going to be stunning!! Sending you good wishes on your wedding day. Can't wait to see the pictures!!
  12. I got her as a recommendation from a bride here on BDW. I emailed her and booked her. Please PM me if you want her info. We decided that we should have a garden reception so it could be a little bit different after having a beach ceremony. I was very happy with our decision. It will be beautiful regardless where you have it! Thank you!
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