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  1. Sorry for the delay scarletbride..I dont get on here very often anymore. The beach/ocean was awesome & definately "Carribean-like". My friends and family loved it!
  2. Thanks Mel2010! I bought it from H&M then added some sworvski crystals in the middle for some bling
  3. I think this is the same e-mail for all of them, but they were always really good at getting back to me quickly. Most of the time within hours of my e-mail. They are very busy though, so it's good to use the girls on here to answer most of your questions. Good Luck! weddings1.drepb@dreamsresorts.com
  4. our bridal party came out to "bringing sexy back" by Justin Timberlake and we came out to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica since we are HUGE NY Yankees fans :)
  5. Plamento- I hired DJ Mannia outside of the resort but if you get the upgraded DJ package through DPB, they do use them. I got a better deal doing it this way. I shared my opinion a couple posts ago about hiring a DJ over using an ipod..but maybe this will change your mind. I freaked out when i saw this video. You do not want to have to worry about this stuff on your wedding day! it should be smooth with out any effort on your part! Disaster Ipod Wedding-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFlwAl5nhLQ pnavaretta- my photog's name is Bailly Photo and they are from Albany, NY. Th
  6. I used DJ Mannia and he was fantastic...definately recommended! I wanted my reception to be a non-stop dance party, so getting a DJ was important to me. DJ Mannia was worth every penny. I highly suggest getting a DJ so that you are not worrying about an IPod or anything like that during the reception. Too many things can go wrong or not smoothly and you dont need to be stressed out! I was so care-free and it was a great feeling!
  7. We brought our own photographer down with us to Punta Cana and he is amazing! Check out our awesome wedding pics and breathtaking TTD session!! Wedding photos: http://baillyphoto.com/blog/?p=3201 TTD Photos:http://baillyphoto.com/blog/?p=3294
  8. Here is my review ladies... I will also post it in the review section! PM me if you have any questions =) and check out my pics! Wedding photos: http://baillyphoto.com/blog/?p=3201 TTD Photos: http://baillyphoto.com/blog/?p=3294 Dreams Palm Beach Review - Allie.docx
  9. Jenleah...the poolside reception was alot more private than I had thought it would be. There was a flea market going on near by and still I hardly noticed any people. Even if there were onlookers, you dont notice them, because you are on this island and in the moment, nothing else matters except your wedding. It's like being in your own little world. 50-60 might be too many though, I would check with Melanie. We had 9 at the head table, then 4 tables which could fit 8 people at them, but there wouldnt have been any room for dancing with more tables.
  10. we had 40 people and it was perfect. I highly reccomend the pool reception! it was amazing! I will be posting a review within the next few days.
  11. Yay! Welcome back! Was the are by the pool well lit at night? Do you have any idea about noise control (the DJ) since it's at the center of the resort?
  12. We werent thrilled about those choices either, but have decided to get legally married at home. We're looking at it as a "technicality" and more like signing some papers then actually being married. We arent considering ourselves married until the symbolic ceremony at DPB and only a few close family members know the truth.
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