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  1. Hey All! Does anyone know where I can get the passport eagle logo? I've been doing a google search and can't find a plain one to use. Thanks for your help!
  2. HI Jenna1511! I think I'm going to have to cave in too! Thanks for the info. I'll check it out!
  3. Hey Ladies! I'm looking for high resolution good quality images online and I can't find any. Everytime I think I found a good one it looks blurry once I save it. Help! Any tips? Thanks!
  4. Hi BobaKF! Did you actually go in the wedding section? All the details are there. Trust me when I say that you won't regret this resort. We were there in June and fell head over heels over it. It's a very beautiful place and the people are great! Let me know if you need some info.
  5. You're welcome all! Gotta look out for my DW brides!! I got mines!
  6. Hey Ladies, There's the vistaprint deal going on today! Get $70 worth for $17. Get on it!
  7. MsKenyaF

    Tipping Etiquette?

    This is a hard one! I would say give them a tip once you get the pics back? But I'm really lost with this one.
  8. MsKenyaF

    Tipping Etiquette?

    Are you paying for their flights & paying for their service? This is is a tricky one. Quote: Originally Posted by Speckles121 What about a photographer and assistant that you are flying to mexico from home??
  9. MsKenyaF

    Tipping Etiquette?

    I'm planning on to tip the wedding coordinator/planner and the waiters.
  10. MsKenyaF


    I love this idea!!!
  11. Love this! More ideas for when I make mines! Can't wait!
  12. MsKenyaF


    WOW! Thanks for sharing this! I would love to do a sunset cruise with my guest.
  13. I love this thread! Very helpful!