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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by tchuchuca Ladies, you are all always so wonderful when one of us has a question... I have about a million swimming around in my head today about receptions and my budget squeaks it's so tight!!! Can ya'll help? What is included in the reception cost as far as decor and floral is concerned? I can manage the cost for food, but much more just isn't going to happen! It was a slow night at my house tonight, so I've been looking through the history of "our" little thread- all 60 pages now! Aeroo (if you're still around!), I saw that you uploaded your reception quote... did you add much to it as far as decor? What was it like for all of your guests to have the same menu? Anything you would recommend steering clear from as far as menu items? Thanks in advance!!! We had our reception in the ballroom, but both the indoor and outdoor setups are beautifully done. The centerpiece is a hurricane candle (which is standard and included in the cost) and I just added a few more smaller candles around that. I spent no extra money on the reception decor and am pretty happy about that since the atmosphere was so nice anyways. They brought in the centerpiece from the ceremony and placed it near the cake. If you are having an outdoor reception, they put lights underneath the tables so it looks like they are glowing, which is pretty cool. I'm pretty sure that is also included in the standard setup. So, as for decor, what's included in the cost are: tables with white linens, chairs with white covers, hurricane candle centerpiece, undertable lights for outdoor reception. In my opinion, I don't think it's necessary to spend any money on the reception decor, as what they offer is classy and beautiful. I thought the food was excellent! We chose the salmon and it was delicious. They do allow you to have a vegetarian option as well, which was good because we had a few in the crowd. After the main dish was served, we found out that one of our guests did not eat fish, so we just sent it back to the kitchen and they replaced it with one of the vegetarian dishes at no extra cost! Our guests really enjoyed all the courses. I was really worried about the food because that was one thing that was so important to me. I would have been really disappointed if the food was not good, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and presentation of everything. They did an absolutely wonderful job with the food - that's one thing I wouldn't worry about! It was definately like eating at a high end restaurant. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!! aeroo
  2. We also did pictures before the ceremony and it was great to have that moment together alone before everything started. Our main reason for doing this was that we didn't want to spend time doing it after the ceremony since we didn't want our guests to just wait around for us. We wanted to spend time with them right after and also take group pictures. It turned out perfect because our pre-ceremony shots were taken on 5th ave (Playa del Carmen), so we got lots of colourful architectural shots, and then post ceremony we did the pictures on the beach with our guests. So we got a variety of different types of shots, which I loved. Also, seeing eachother before the ceremony really calmed our nerves, especially for FI who was really concerned about bawling in front of everyone (which he ended up doing anyways when I walked down the aisle - so cute!). Also, I changed dresses for the ceremony which he didn't know about, so it was a bit of a surprise for him. Even though we saw eachother before the ceremony, we still had that special moment when our eyes met as I walked down the aisle. It still took my breath away. That I did not expect!
  3. I tried a few different ones and ended up using Free Wedding Website!. It's super easy to set up, add photos, links, etc. You can easily add and remove headers, pages, and customize all your info. Plus they have an online RSVP as well, but I didn't end up using that. You can also password protect your site, so only your friends and family can have access to it. Plus it's free. Good luck!
  4. I'm not getting mine soldered together because sometimes I like to just wear my ering alone and sometimes I like to wear just the band alone. I just like to be able to mix it up once in awhile! Also, my ering is platinum and the wedding band is white gold, so it might be a problem if later on I need to get the band re-dipped or the ering polished. But the main reason is because I like the flexibility of just wearing one or the other, or both!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by steph Congrats! You look beautiful! I agree there are very few people getting married at the Gran Porto. I am getting married at the GPReal on 7-8-9 at the Gazebo. I have so many questions for my WC but I am new to all of this and don't know what to ask. Any tips would be great. I am also still undecided about where to have the reception. where did you have yours? We had our reception in the ballroom, which was beautiful. The gazebo is gorgeous too, especially with the white sheets hanging from the top. You have the option of leaving them on or taking them off. The gazebo is definately more private than right on the beach. We chose our food, flowers, and ceremony location the day before the wedding, when we met with Micaela. We had the plated dinner, but they also have buffet (which we didn't know about). The ceremony includes a microphone, so all your guests can hear. It also includes music setup with a person dedicated to operating it, so you don't have to worry about it. If you don't bring any of your own music, they have a pretty good collection of stuff. If you bring your own centerpieces or stuff for the ceremony, you can leave it all with Micaela and she will set it all up for you. The reception includes hookup for ipod/laptop so if you want to bring your own music that is fine. They also have a stereo system you can use if you are bringing CDs. We brought a laptop with our songs, but we also burned everything on CDs, just in case something happened to the laptop. We didn't actually pay for anything until the last day when we checked out. I recommend not waiting until the last day though, in case there are any problems with their machine. We had a bit of an issue since the credit card kept getting rejected, but in the end it was because there is some sort of limit with their machine so you have to split it into a few payments, so the amount isn't so big. I'm really happy with their wedding service; they seem to know what they are doing and are very professional. Let me know if you have any questions!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by TrishB12 Congrats!!! I was also thinking of having my destination wedding at the Gran Porto Real in April 2010. Did your guests book through a travel agent or online? I've been having a tough time trying to find prices for accomodations online because April 2010 is so far away. Approx how much did your guests pay? If you dont mind me asking! 10 of my guests booked through Flight Centre and got a group rate of around $1600 per person (flight and hotel), out of Vancouver BC. Myself and a bunch of other guests booked directly through the hotel website, and flew out of Seattle for around $1300 per person. It's definately cheaper to book flight and hotel at the same time, rather than separately. I don't know though, if I would fly out of Seattle again. The worst was coming back home, it sucks to drive 3 hours back home, after the flight, especially since everyone was so tired.
  7. The two of us went around to every table and did a toast with each one. That's when we thanked them. That way, it was bit more personal and we didn't have to do speeches in front of the whole group.
  8. I had a card box just in case and I'm glad I did because quite a few of our guests brought cards with them. I just put it on the table near the door, where people were picking up their namecards. One of my family members just took it away for me at the end. The box that I brought was just really simple and folded totally flat, so it was easy to pack. It's this one here from OTC: Wedding Card Box We had most gifts sent to our house, but people who gave money just brought it with them to the reception. Just make sure you have someone take care of it after.
  9. I understand that you feel lonely and miss him when he's working so much, but I don't think his goal is to hurt you. It sounds like his goal is to move ahead in his career and that is a great thing. It may suck for you now, but in the long term, it will benefit you and your future kids. I agree with the other girls, it's not like he's spending the time drinking or whatever. He's doing something productive for your future together, so I think you should try to appreciate all the work he's been doing. I'm sure he would rather spend time with you than work, but it sounds like he has to put in the extra effort/hours in order to move ahead. It's also a good opportunity to spend time with friends or family or do something that you love. Of course you should talk to him about this and try to understand one another. He may not know how hurt you are. Guys can be clueless and not pick up on the hints - you just need to say it outright to him so he gets it. It sounds like you guys need to have a good heart to heart and try to understand each other's point of views. Hopefully you can come to some sort of compromise. Good luck!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by SarahandTrevor I was wondering about the hair and make-up services also. Does anyone recommend wearing hair up or down? I love my hair down but I am worried that the humidity will make it frizzy. I am also wondering if The Royal uses a certain brand of cosmetics? I am getting married at 2pm and I am wondering how long I can expect my make-up to last!!! I had my hair and makeup done at 1pm and it lasted all night, way past midnight. I would have preferred my hair down, but glad I had it up since it was so hot all day. But I saw a few brides with their hair down and they seemed okay. I just get really sweaty in the heat so I thought it would be better for all my hair to be up.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by bridetobe22 Have any of you used the hair/make-up services at the Royal or heard any feedback on them? I'm trying to decide what to do and can't!!! I had hair and makeup done at the Gran and was blown away by how good it turned out - way better than my trial at home. I also saw and talked to other brides from the Royal who got hair and makeup done their and they were very happy with the services. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I just brought pics of hair and makeup that I wanted and the woman pretty much duplicated it. Good luck!
  12. To save money, part of our group flew out of Seattle. That saved about $600-700 per couple. I don't know if I would do it again though, since the drive back home seemed so long and after a day on the plane, the last thing you want to do is drive back 3 hours from Seattle. But if your group consists of students and are really wanting to save money, this will help.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ltl_leah I just received info from a WC yesterday and they said that my photographer would be allowed, but it would cost an extra $100. This is technically to cover a day pass. I am hiring Cecilia Dumas and I know that she has recently photographed weddings there, as soon as this past May. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Cecilia photographed our wedding in May there. Well at the Gran Porto though. Back then they didn't charge any outside vendor fee or day pass. Argh, it makes me angry that they are putting in all these new fees! We had guests from other resorts and they did not have to buy a day pass if they just wanted to attend the ceremony and reception. I wonder if that rule has changed as well.
  14. I've used vistaprint.com a few times and have never had anything extra charged to my card. I think it's when you complete your order and after that a page comes up and offers a freebie if you join their club or whatever for 3 months at a fee, but this is in small print and people usually just see the free part and click on that, then they are automatically signed up. So after your order, don't click on any offers and you should be fine.
  15. I got our custom ring bowl (with our names, date, and location) from this etsy seller: Etsy :: palomasnest :: CUSTOM ring bowl with tiny text - ornament- wedding or commitment ceremony It is sooo cute. There are lots of other cute ones on etsy too.
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