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  1. We were married there and it was WONDERFUL! Can't wait to go back just for a visit. If you have children that are going to be a part of the festivities, then this is the way to go. No one was bored and everyone enjoyed themselves to the max!
  2. @@megthomson shipping for you would be $11.30, but that's without the coils and card holders. I may have someone willing to purchase the whole lot which would make things easier. Let me know if you're still interested. Or if you want to purchase the whole lot and they're yours since you asked first. @@akay were you ever able to view the photos? Please advise. Thanks
  3. @@Mandiesue I don't know how the light is, we forgot to bring them when we left so I never used the lights. Everyone else, I'm going to the post office now to get the shipping prices for you all. Sorry for the delay, we had a pipe break during the install of a new washing machine. It's been a fun time around here.
  4. Hey everyone, not sure why I didn't get the notifications but I'm now seeing the activity on this thread. I will respond to everyone in order, and go down the list first come first served. Sorry for the delay.
  5. Lots of stuff, in pretty good quantities. We are finally moving into a house and the hubby wants me to lighten the load, beginning with the wedding stuff that I've been ignoring! I have lots of things for adults and children. I will also attach pictures for reference. All of the items were never used, they are all leftovers or never made the trip! Please note that buyer pays for shipping and all transactions are conducted via Paypal. 1 - Navy Blue Parasol - $5 1 - Flower Girl Book - $5 1 - Flower Girl Camera - $5 10 - Bath & Bodyworks Anti-Bacterial Dancing Waters Scent -
  6. Are you still looking for the items? If so, I am about to list my post wedding stuff and have about the amount you're looking for. Let me know!
  7. I bought ladies beach bags from www.discountmugs.com, but I also ordered 75 bags because we had so many people attending. I know that they have an option to order smaller quantities. The men's drawstring backpacks were ordered from www.4allpromos.com Acrylic tumblers were purchased from Dollar Tree, you can actually go into to the store and order large quantities
  8. Thanks so much everyone. I've been soooooo busy with work since getting back so the post wedding recaps are slow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I know that I have more details to share. I made welcome folders, which I need to post pictures of as well as table numbers. Hopefully I can get those pictures up soon.
  9. We flew our photographer down, so he and his assistant stayed at the resort as a part of our wedding party. We simply told the resort we had our own photographer and didn't need Beaches. Shenique was pretty good. She did my hair according to the picture I showed. The makeup was alright to me, I'm not a makeup person and I didn't really specify the look I was going for so it fell short for me. I did a boudoir shoot a couple of months ago and really loved my makeup for that so I had the same expectations. I know she had other brides to do that day so she wasn't very chatty but that could just be
  10. Hey there, the fee to bring an outside vendor onto the property is $75 for a day pass the day of the wedding. You have to tell them who the vendor is and they put it on a list. I paid to bring Shenique on property for hair and makeup. The DJ we had for the wedding was fantastic! They send you this form and you can list everything you want or don't want played. There are very specific questions to narrow down your choices and we had no issues. For walking down the aisle, we just had the standard wedding march played and it was actually another DJ that set up and played the music so it wasn't c
  11. Hey Mods, I have been trying to update my planning journal thread as well as start a new resort review but am unable to do either. I have gone to my planning journal and just posted a new comment, but I really want to change the title for it to reflect the changes. Also, I've been asked to do a formal resort review, but I can't start a new thread in that section. Can someone please help?
  12. Here is the photographer's website: http://www.rossoscarknightphotography.net/2013/07/to-know-you-is-to-love-you-by-ross.html
  13. Yes, I plan to do a formal review. It's been rough with work being so busy though. I just got some teaser pics from my photographer so I feel more compelled to write the review now!
  14. I managed to take a few mins and download some more pics. Hope this helps.
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