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  1. I absolutely love these. I just have a couple questions: 1) Did you make the Pocket folder that holds everything together? If so, do you have a template or suggestions on how to? 2) What size envelopes did you use for both your invitation and RSVP? Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much for all you tips Missqueens! Congrats on a great wedding! Can't wait to read your review!
  3. LMC1, when is your wedding? I just sent Kerry a long email asking about the tables and chairs for the reception. So I'll let you know when I hear back. I'm getting very excited and time is just flying by!! 5 months will be here in no time!
  4. Hey Ladies, Seems like this thread has been quiet for awhile so I thought I'd try to start it back up. We are 5 months out! and I'm in full on planning mode. I have a couple questions for past and current brides. 1) I'm wondering what everyone did for the unity part of the ceremony? I'm assuming it'd be too windy for candles and I'm not overly fond of the sand idea. Just looking for alternate options. 2) For those of you who held rehearsal dinners and other things other than the wedding at MDC, how much decoration did you supply? Ok...I think that might be it for now. I'd love to hear how everyone else is coming along with their planning!
  5. I'm working on the details of planning now. I was just curious what everyone is doing (or did) for lighting? If you have any pictures/suggestions I'd REALLY appreciate them! Thanks!
  6. I'm learning so much from all ya'll's posts about vendors! Thanks so much! I'm just now starting to plan and looking into vendors. I'm just curious about how much people are setting as their budget? I know what mine is, but I'm just wondering if it's accurate. It's been hard for me to judge a destination wedding. About how much are ya'll's budgets for the wedding?
  7. Hey Ladies! I just booked our wedding ad MDC for March 2013! I'm so excited!
  8. Very nice! And great job on budgeting! Quick question: How did you make the envelope that you put the boarding pass itself in?
  9. I love reading all of ya'll's suggestions. I'm wondering if it's kid friendly. We aren't going to have many kids joining us, but there will be a couple and I want them (and their parents) to enjoy themselves as well. Anyone have any suggestions/comments on this?
  10. I too am debating on whether or not to print mine at home or have them printed. I have an ink printer. But, I've been hearing that a laser printer is much better... Is it really that much better?
  11. I love that! Very well stated. What font did you use? I'm not finding fonts I love. Do you have any suggestions on where to get them from?
  12. I'm trying to get the wording right on my STD boarding passes. I have the first page all set, however the second is giving me grief. I somehow want to say that you can contact our TA if you plan on going and we'd love for everyone to come, but we know that isn't possible so we are going to be celebrating when we get home on blank date. I just can't get it to sound right or elegant enough. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. These are absolutely great! I love that you included a picture of the two of you as well. Was it a magnet? Where did you get them? I'm trying to price everything out....do you know about how much everything was?
  14. Well, I just got engaged this past week and I'm ready to get the planning started! But, where do you start? We are having a hard time just deciding on where to go much less anything else! Are ya'll using travel agents/wedding planners? If so, do you have any suggestions? Whatever anyone has to suggest on helping us narrow things down and decide would be awesome! We are thinking around March 16, 2013... Thanks in advance!!
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