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  1. I am going to change my name. It was a tough decision. DH supported me 100% to keep my last name or hyphenate. For me I decided since as my husband is my protector and provider and the head my household that taking his name was symbolic of me coming under his covering as my husband. (I had to rationalize it some way :-). But like I said it was tough because I was all for hyphenating and really not taking it all. But now I love it when people call me by his last name. And he gets so happy as well.
  2. It is with regret to write this review. I initiated a group order from wholesalepashminas in February. The guy I worked with was Joseph. He was bit difficult to get in touch with in the beginning but I was able to send in a group order. After I received the shipment there were pashminas missing for two of the orders. I immediately contacted him and sent him the ladies information and what needed to be sent. He responded quickly and told me that he would send the missing pashminas. One of the ladies with missing pashmina contacted him directly as well and he also told her the same thing. She contacted me in mid March because she never received her missing pashmina. During this time I continued to call and e-mail him but now there was no response. The second lady began attempting to e-mail him as well and contact him. But it is with regret to write that neither of us have received a response. It is now late April and money has been spent and the product has not been received. I am writing this because I do not want any other bride to have the same experience with this vendor. The experience was fine until we needed to resolve this issue and Joe has not made any effort to resolve this issue.
  3. WOW Kerri! I have yety to receive mine. It has not been that long but I would like to get his process going.
  4. I ran out of time and did not make a prgram. No one even noticed or at least no asked about one.
  5. Sammy your pic is awesome! Tammy did great! Wish I could have met all of you.
  6. Everyone is back and a MRS! Well it has been a little over a month and it has been great. I did a BD shoot. Here is the teaser pic I still need to my review. My home internet is down and I haven't been able to upload my photos.
  7. They are wonderful and it looked like you had so much fun!!! Love the football leg pic. He is never going to look at football the same way!
  8. I was Bambi Shimmer Fire now that I said I do I Bambi Glitter Jugs...either I am sparkling!!!!
  9. Tammy sent me one teaser. She is so wonderful! Highly recommend!!!!
  10. Just got one teaser pic. It was awesome! I cannot wait to see the rest. Thanks everyone for being a motivation.
  11. Hello Ladies, I just had my BD shoot with Tammy B and have not recieved any pics yet but she was awesome. I flet totally comfortable and she coached me through it. She is a vendor on the forum and I would recommend for yours as well. She lives in Michigan but the shoot was in Chicago.
  12. Did my shoot this past weekend and it was awesome. I have to say I was not nervous but not a natural at all!!! But Tammy B caosched me through the process. I brought five outfits and we went through them all!! I brought four pairs of shoes but only used three. > Maid like lingerie - two different feather dusters * His favorite button shirt * black lingerie with hot pink ribbon and hot pink earrings and high heel shoes * Wedding night lingerie with my garter - Really sweet * All in one lace body suit. - OMG I was so shy about this one We did so many poses and used evrything in the hotel room including the window. And it was amarathon and I was the last person so I think I may have a had a little extra so it worked out perfectly. I had ablast and would do it again.
  13. I know I am so late joining in the convo. But all of your pics look AMAZING! OMG you ladies are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I did not know what it was until I joined the site so I could not schedule a session before our wedding but I am doing one this weekend!! I am so excited. Only thing is that I have to drive to Chicago and it is only two hours long. DH is going to be amazed. He is driving with me but he has no clue why we are going. Question - do you think I should let him come with me to the shoot and surprise or just wait until Imake the book for him? So excited!! If anyone knows someone in Indianapolis, IN that does this let me know. I have done searches and even e-mailed some people but no one responded. Would love to do one for one year anniversary as well. Right before we start trying to get preggo.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Future Mrs. Coleman I am getting married in just a few weeks and looked into the Free Package vs. the Royal Package. We also have 36 guests booked. The Free Package does not include minister fees, wedding certificate fees, etc. It clearly states that on the Riu wedding webpage (see below). I have no idea what they would charge for minister fees and legal documentation so we went with the Royal Package. It just seems easier to me to let them do all of that for you. I would also think they would make you pay a price per head for the extra 16 people for dinner and who knows what that would cost. The Royal Package says it serves dinner for 40. Let me know if you find out anything different. I would rather pay just $350 versus $1,245 and upgrade if it is more cost-effective. The Free Package 2010 at the Riu Ocho Rios includes: * On-site wedding coordinator to help plan the special day * Decoration set up for the ceremony location * Bridal Bouquet and matching boutonniere for the groom * CD or recorded music during the ceremony * Semi private dinner for the wedding group at one of our specialty restaurants * Wedding cake for 20 people * Sparkling wine for 20 people (during the main toast only) * Surprise spa gift * Ten percent discount on all spa services for bride and groom * MINISTER OR JUDGE SERVICE, LEGAL DOCUMENTATION & FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED. The minister fees for me were $350 but it states $375 somewhere I thought. You can do the free package and upgrade as well. The recption dinner is included with the free package for all of your guest. Additional money is for champagne and the larger cake I think.
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