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  1. bikegirl, these were purchased direct from the manufacturer. And I was told they were last year's models and therefore getting them at a discount. I bought these as gifts for my own bridal party. And I also have the Coach receipt so I don't understand how Coach themselves could sell me knock offs, is that possible?
  2. Hi there, they are authentic but are last year's models. I now only have 11 left.
  3. No minimum order.. I will pay for the shipping if you order 5 or more.
  4. Thanks Astreit! I got your PM and will send them out tomorrow!! Thanks!!
  5. I've stayed here, and it is a beautiful 5-star resort. The food is amazing... (I've stayed at other resorts in Cuba, and the food wasn't all that great). I also loved the fact that it was an adults-only resort. I would definitely reccomend this place!!
  6. Congratuations and welcome! I'm new to the forum as well, lots of great information here... and it's nice to hear others talking about the same things you're wondering about!
  7. I bought these to give to my bridal party... and many brides-to-be have been asking me for them as well... so I have ordered 50... these are last year's models, but they are absolutley adorable and make great gifts. If I don't sell them all, I'll just give them out to each of my guests. I have them available in Pink or Red. And they do come in a small Coach box. I'm not sure how to upload a picture.. I've tried several times but it doesn't seem to work?
  8. I'm Michelle Lee and I'll be getting married in May 2011 in Varadero Cuba!
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