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  1. Cara, I am also very sorry to hear about your dad, my heart goes out to you, even though I am new to this forum, it is never easy to hear about someone losing a parent. I'm sure he will be keeping a watchful eye on you on your wedding day. Take everything one step at a time and take time to yourself when you need it.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 Hey Jessi and welcome to Calgary and our thread! I can relate a bit about working around a fireman's schedule because my brother in law (BIL) is also a fireman and we had to patiently hope that he'd be able to join us but unfortunately his schedule won't work He's got a bunch of tests in the exact same week as we ended up booking but that's just the way it works sometimes. What firehall is he at right now? I wonder if the guys have run into each other If you're getting overwhelmed or need some help/direction with your planning just shout - but you've definitely found the best place ever to help you figure everything out! Echo, He is down at the Southland station, but it is his first station as he recently got out of recruit school, how long has your BIL been a FF? I just can't seem to pick a resort/destination. I am pretty set on the Mayan Riviera but my dad and my fiance's mom seem a little leary about Mexico in general. They both say they will be happy with whatever I pick but I am torn. I also have found 2 fairly good photographers around Playa del Carmen that are a reasonable price. That's another big reason I am leaning towards Mexico. I know when it comes down to it, it's my day and ppl will go there to make me happy, but I want to pick the right place for all involved. Where are you holding yours?
  3. Hey! I just recently got engaged and am super happy that I found a forum for Brides from Calgary. I recently moved to Calgary (September) and so I have no idea where a lot of things are. I just wanted to introduce myself before I read through the 42 pages of posts on here, I have been wasting away in front of my computer for about 3 hours researching resorts, photographers, you name it. It is exhausting and sometimes frustrating! It's hard for me to plan my wedding as I have not yet set a date, but due to no fault of my own. My Fiance is a firefighter and his time off is picked for him so I won't know for some time, but I'm hoping for November 2011. I realize that is far away, but from what I read the earlier planning starts the better! Looking forward to getting to know all the Calgary Brides! Jessi
  4. I have my heart set on the Barcelo brand, I'm just not sure which one to go with. Does anyone know if you are staying at one, do you have access to the others, like the restaurants and activities? And also I hear that you can't have external photographers there, but if you pay for them to stay a night, therefore making them a guest at the hotel, would that work?
  5. A friend of mine recommended this resort to me, I am just in the initial stages of planning looking for that great resort to have my wedding. Anyone already had a wedding or going to have a wedding here in the future that they could share their wisdom with me? I went to their website and it doesn't have enough pictures for weddings, has anyone gone with this line of hotels, the SolMelia? I'm looking to most likely be in Cuba, but also want to keep the cost fair to my guests as they will be coming out of Halifax, Toronto and Calgary. Thanks!
  6. Anywhere that has a gazebo that has a total ocean view behind? Even if it is an arch (more of a square/rectangular arch) but I really want to be close to the ocean, or maybe a pier of some sort?
  7. I was thinking that I might do the actual ceremony by a gazebo so that we can all wear our fancy footwear, I'm wondering if any of you know of some of the resorts that have nice gazebos or even areas with nice arches that have a solid surface beneath them instead of sand? I still want to do tons of photos on the beach, but I think getting married on the actual beach in heels (which I do want to weaer) would be difficult. Thanks!
  8. I realize this is an old post, but I too am thinking of doing the "official" paperwork here and doing something ceremonial at the destination I choose (now between Mexico and Cuba) However, now that I have looked into Cuba the process seems easier there than a lot of other places, now I am torn. What are others' thoughts, do the whole shebang down there or here in Canada?
  9. Hi my name is Jessi and I just got engaged on Christmas Eve. I would love to start planning my wedding except I don't have a date an probably won't for a while. The reason for this is because my fiance just recently joined a City Fire Department and they don't get vacation for a year and then after that first year or 2 the vacations are picked for them, and we're not sure how switching vacation times with other fire fighters work just yet so we are sort of stuck. My plan is to have our destination wedding spring 2011 or even fall 2011 (out of hurricane season). I have been doing some research and the DR and Mexico seem to be two of the best options for us, however I am still open as I have just started looking into locations. We will be having family from Nova Scotia as well from Ontario and we hail from Calgary and have friends here that will be coming so we want to do this as budget friendly as we can for all attending. My fiance is very flexible and I am a simple person with simple expectations but still want my wedding to be beautiful but budget conscious. Any help would be welcome. I would love to get everyone there for under $1200 pp if possible, so I know luxury accommodations aren't going to be an option, but I'm convinced that there are very nice places out there for very reasonable prices! Thanks!! Looking forward to chatting with all of you! Jessi **To live more....plan less....**
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