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  1. I don't know how cheap you can negotiate to get them for but they have some pretty nice ones at www.partyflops.com. I do know that shipping is free for 45 or more pairs and also free for any amount if your wedding will be in Mexico.
  2. I got married this past summer, June 19th, at Our Lucaya. Our guests are still talking about the experience and wishes they were able to do it all over again as well. They're even jokingly asking that we do everything all over again and renew our vows just so that we can all experience everything again. Our videographer, Kendal Knowles, did an awesome job on our video and my husband and I relive our day often. Ladebug is absolutely right about the contract and dealing with Faye! It's work to get everything locked in the way you want it but then you get much better response times from your planner. I chose Our Lucaya because my husband is Bahamian and was born and raised in Freeport. It made sense since all of his family lives there and only my family and friends would need to travel. I have a few of my guests from the States who have been to both Nassau and Freeport and has stayed in the Atlantis on multiple occasions...she is very happy to have found out about Freeport! She loves it's laid back atmosphere and of course the cost of the vacation was an awesome deal. Our guests stayed all-inclusive for 4 nights at the Sheraton. Any questions or information needed...let me know. Happy planning!
  3. These are the wedding programs I'm working on. I'm leaving in just a couple days and have lots of these to finish. I'm not sure why the picture is so small. I'll try again later.
  4. I know I'm late considering my wedding is just days away. I'm still working on ours. I'm trying to replicate the program fans that are on shorechic.com
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by finzup The brochure is fantastic. I'm pretty much copying your design.. it's so great!! can you tell me though, on the inside, left, what's the section titled at the bottom (underneath the carry on luggage section) .. thanks! Thanks so much. That section says checked luggage. I have guests traveling on different airlines and that section reminds travelers to check with their airline about the cost of checked luggage and weight restrictions...verbatim it says...Be sure to check with your airline regarding checked luggage allowances. Some have restricted baggage allowances to one item weighing less than 50 lbs, others have begun charging for all checked items.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by msglave For anyone who's looking for these, after doing comparison shopping, I ordered from here. I got my badges about 10 days after ordering. I tested one out and nothing got wet! YAY! Wow! This is an amazing price for the badges...$5.99 for 50!!!! I wish I had seen those two days ago before ordering for more than $20 including shipping. Also I would have been nervous to order way from China with such little time left before we depart for our wedding!!!
  7. Thanks so much for sharing! These look great! I have "borrowed" the template to change it for my colors and I'm so excited. Thanks!!1
  8. Thanks to dimplz05 and meandpaul. I'm almost able to open attachments. I'll be back soon to see your ideas. I've been trying to replicate the fans on shorechic.com as well.
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