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  1. You might want to look at a mens wearhouse type of place.
  2. Hi gang! I have been swamped with work but still available if people have questions about T&C beaches wedding that we had in May 2010. Just PM me. Â Hope everyone is doing well!
  3. I live in PA & got married in T&C but when I got back & called our County Clerk they informed me we didn't need to do anything. To change everything over we just showed our T&C marriage license.
  4. Good luck!! I hope you get it : )
  5. We got married @ a Beaches (sister of Sandals) on T&C, all their packages are similar. The cheapest island to usually visit in the Caribbean is Jamaica (travel purposes - flights are cheaper). Our wedding was in May and it was about 88 every day with absolutely no rain. We used a TA which can help you figure out costs & which resort has the amenities you are best looking for. Good luck with your planning!
  6. Customs issue is mainly because of bringing different bugs into the country. I have seen some really pretty real touch flowers but because I love real flowers I opted to go that route. It's definitely just personal preference.
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. I didn't like how the white looked against my ivory dress but you can get purple ones too but those are the only 2 colors they offer. The roses were extra but I can't remember the price (maybe $300) but I thought they were worth it...I kept them in our ice container in the room with water until the day we left : )
  9. Kendall, Flying out of Harrisburg is ridiculous pricing...my parents paid the extra money because they didn't want a long drive but Jeremiah & I just stayed with my brother in Philly & he drove us to the airport and kept our car at his place to save us parking money. Baltimore was definitely higher than Philly for tickets when we went, not sure why since we flew Delta & they all go to Atlanta ha! Kelly I think flew out of Newark and she got a good price as well.
  10. That's awesome that they got a good deal! We got married in May & booked our flights in February & they were $475 our of Philly.
  11. I upgraded to the roses... The first picture is the BB flowers (on the table) which I asked for in white. These were my roses which were gorgeous I just wish you could take them home but I heard some horror stories with customs so I didn't even try. (The starfish I put in the bouquet).
  12. My husband and the "guys" went on a fishing excursion the day before our wedding. The rules were...you must be back by 1:30 so you can get ready for photos and reherseal. They left @ 7 and got back at 1. It also left me to spend time with the "girls" by going shopping, lounging at the beach & going to the spa for hair/makeup.
  13. Girasole


    Congrats and welcome to the forums!
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