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  1. it's beautiful! i have a cushion cut too... it's unique!
  2. i'm 9 years older! it bothers me more than it does him...
  3. we simply worded it as "dinner and dancing" on our invitations. i really like encore celebration though!
  4. oopsie, I just saw that you're getting married in Mexico... disregard the TI staff comment!
  5. Hi Sharon, Thank you! I am in love with the panties around the ankles shot too... so provacative! Dramatic makeup and big hair help... I don't have much hair and it's short, so I fell thru on that one. Personally, I like the way black lingerie (well, the red turned out good) looks vs. the pink (I had some white too). Suck it in, arch your back and let photoshop be your friend! They will be beautiful, the TI staff are all amazing talents... Have fun & share when you get back!
  6. You wont regret it. My husband loves them! http://brilliant.tc/blog/2011/08/stephanies-hot-shots/
  7. Brandy - were you happy with your hair & makeup from the resort? Did they do a good job?
  8. bondgirl, words can't really express how i feel about your ring, but STUNNING comes to mind! absolutley gorgeous...
  9. For those of you who had hair and makeup done by the beaches spa staff, were you happy with the results? I'm so undecided if it will be ok to have it done there or hire sheque. I would need her twice, for boudoir and the wedding. Ugh... She's so expensive. Opinions please!
  10. The officiant is included with the wedding package
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