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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by moodyc82 How much to ship the room key holders to 07054 Hi Moody, Thanks for your interest. I have someone intested in the room key holders. I will check just incase she changes her mind. I will in box you to let you know.
  2. Hello Ladies, I'm finally posting my wedding overstock. Please let me know if you are interested. Apple Green and Turquoise water bottles (10): $.50 each 9 Badge holders with lanyards and “To have and Hold your room key†card: $1.50 each bunch of peacock feathers: $5.00 94 Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand wipes: $6.00 for the bag 6 First aid kits: $.50 each 6 Anchor draw string bags: $1.00 each Mother of Bride hanger $12.00 SOLD Mother of the Groom hanger : $12.00 SOLD Turquoise Love bags with anchor: $.50 each MAC eye lashes: $8.00 Turquoise gown b
  3. Sorry, I had to find a tape measurer. 2.5 feet from the comb. It was intended to just cover my back.
  4. White veil was made to go with my dress but decided to do a bird cage instead. $65 plus shipping.
  5. White Victoria Secret White Bride Hoodie with Turquoise writing on the back. Tags were removed and packed for wedding but never removed. Was dry cleaned and ready to be worn by the new owner. Was purchased for $72 but being sold for $65 plus shipping.
  6. I sincerely apologize for the delay. Here are some picture from our wedding day on the Sensation.
  7. I used a card board stencil that my co-worker made it for me. Then, I just used pump spray fabric paint. The spray can one was too runny.
  8. Sharon your picture look beautiful!
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