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  1. Hey I recently got married in St Thomas and we are honeymooning in Negril the end of July and we are looking to do a TTD/couples BD session (had no time for the wedding bc we cruised to the island) and a kind of. I'm going to contact both Diane Campbell and Merrick Cousley and anyone else I can find. Wish me luck bc I'm not interested in paying more than $500. Wish me luck.
  2. Hey guys just popping in to say hello. I haven't been on bdw in a while. Welcome Sha!!!
  3. Ladies can I just say (if I haven't already lol) that my hair was so not important to me on my day. I was so drunk the night before the wedding (Yay Puerto Rico) that my MOH and BM literally put my curlers in my hair at around 2 am and they used Lotta Body which never dried bc I was up at like seven. So I had curls that lasted maybe 2 days but they were actually loose like I like them. Then one of my LS's just pulled the front of my hair back and tied it I think as she was putting my blusher on me. I didn't even think anything of it and IMO it turned out great.
  4. Thanks ladies for all the compliments. To be honest with you all I didn't think ab my weight when I went dress shopping. My only concern was that with my large breasts my bras put indentations in my shoulders and they are really bad IMO (no one shopping with me even noticed mainly bc my whole family and almost all my friends have the same issues lol) but once I started dress shopping I didn't even notice it. I shopped at David's Bridal and they had dresses in all sizes. Plus if the dress doesn't fit they put these little panel things in the back so that even though the dress doesn't fit you ge
  5. Welcome Crista I got married on Nov 10, 09 so you're my date twin Yay!!! Even though you're in Canada you should know that you're getting married on Marine Corp Birthday (my hubby's a retired Marine).
  6. Thanks Erika, I'm working on cropping some pics on photobucket to put on BDW but it took forever to load those pics on shutterfly. I started loading them ab 30 mins be4 hubby and I went to dinner (and game stop lol) and they still weren't done when we arrived home like 2 hrs later lol. I'm not even putting them on facebook i just put a link to shutterfly. I'm going to make photobooks thru My Publisher for Christmas presents to my parents and grandparents. And I'll make one for myself. Can I tell you guys that I don't even know what I ordered from the photographer. He sent me a picture
  7. Hey ladies I have my pro pics up on Shutterfly (or facebook if you want to be my friend my name is Ashley Willis) here's a link.... http://mrandmrswillis.shutterfly.com/
  8. Thanks Susie. When I look at my pics it always looks like my gown was falling down even though i know it wasn't. My seamstress sewed my bra into the gown. The ladies at the bra shop told me that someone with my bra size should never wear a sweetheart neckline bc bras in my size are mainly full coverage, but hey I pulled it off. I always think to myself "girls are paying for what God gave me naturally" lol. I really may need to look into a reduction at some point. My wedding pics made me think that my breasts were really exaggerated but my hubby's like no they really are that big. I never notic
  9. Yup I have a few leftover. I need to go thru all this stuff to see what I can sell on here.
  10. Hey ladies I'm back from my wedding and Now I get to say "To hell with dieting I've got my man" hahaha. LOL J/K but I'm done dieting. How's everyone been?
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