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  1. Hell no because it comes back to bite you in the butt. Would you ever do something you would not normally do for the sake of your significant other?
  2. Félicitations pour avoir obtenu votre diplôme de baccalauréat. C'est un pas de géant dans la DE SUCCÈS (I don't speak the language had it translated for you.)
  3. Wow it looks great. that is alot of flowers. Kiss the FI and say thank you thank you thank you
  4. Congratulations and have fun planning your wedding
  5. Everything looks so great. I am sure everyone will love it.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Mhabas Here's my dress.. cute like the cross in front
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Abbie there is no password... They just added one. It is blue
  8. Hey all, Amir has just done a new photo shoot. Tell me what you think. here are 10 Calvin Childs Photography | Amir :smil e72:
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