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  1. You can see them in this picture...they are cute little sandals with a flower in middle, I loved them so much and soooo comfy!!
  2. I'm trying to find some good pictures of my wedding dress..here are a few...
  3. So we just got our professional pictures and I picked a couple that I just LOVE....
  4. So our Professional Pictures are ready and we love them.....we had to cut out a lot of them which was sooo hard and took awhile but we got through it...lol We got married at Grand Paradise Bavaro in Punta Cana and it was the BEST decision we have made by far! Juan was our WC and was amazing....I have all Real touch Flowers by Enchanted Memories in Hamilton, and our photographer was Deigo Vega from Tropical Images...he was awesome! Any questions just ask...We are soooooo happy with the outcome of everything...even though our groomsman Todd got totally plastered like hours before our ceremony...we have video of him being carried to the ceremony site by my husband and the best man (while my friend Angie keeps yelling to other guests at the resort "DON'T WORRY THIS ISN'T THE GROOM") Good Times...I'm just glad that everything turned out and that they didn't tell me so I had NO idea about it until my husband told me during out shoot with Deigo.....I had to laugh and I had to pick the picture of the best man helping the groomsman to the site....makes me laugh so it's all GOOD! http://s904.photobucket.com/albums/a...al%20Pictures/
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by elifrigo OMG SOOO ADORABLE!!!! You lookkeed AAMAZINGGGGGGGGGG! question, in which resort did you get marry? Hey hun we got married at the Grand Paradise Bavaro which was such an amazing reosrt...beautiful everything....friendliest staff...and such an amazing wedding planner and photographer...Juan Pillier @ GPB and Diego at Tropical Images...Thanks Gentlemen
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by heidilynn28 Very nice pics! I am wondering... are the bridesmaid dresses Mori Lee ? If so, I had my eye on those and it's nice to see them on someone in real life!! Yes they are Mori Lee...my sister is with the dark hair, had her's altered to be shorter and had it taken in like 2 sizes and it looks awesome. Everyone loved the dresses!!
  7. Hey Girls! We just got in yesterday afternoon....and it was just amazing! We had such a great time and wouldn't have changed a thing! Here are some pics that my mom/sister/bridesmaid/cousin's took with our camera for us! Our camera got around that night for sure... http://s904.photobucket.com/albums/a...Wedding%20Day/
  8. We were also booked with skyservice through Sunquest and last week our TA changed all our flights to Air Transat...we are now flying out on the 17th instead of the 16th which isn't a big deal.....we are getting married on the 19th of April.
  9. Hey....Victorias Seceret does mix and match for bikini's so you pick which ever size for your bottoms and tops which is great cause I'm sorta the opposite I have bigger boobs than my ass, so I usually buy my bikinis from Swimwear: Women's Swimsuits & Designer Swimwear at Victoria's Secret Check it out & hope it helps!!
  10. We are in THE exact same boat! I was also told I was inbetween sizes and they recommended going the size up and I agreed...When the dress came in it wouldn't even stay up and it's strapless....I FREAKED OUT! Anyways I just had my first fitting with this wonderfully recommended seamstress Halle and she pinned it all up and I could actually see my shape in the dress and was soooo excited! She says we will probably need a few appointments and she quoted $90....she says the dress is at least 2 1/2 sizes too big and she is pulling it in from this direction and that and when it was all pinned I could have cried! It was gorgeous..I have another appointment Wednesday so I'm getting excited! Seriously no worries hun when you get the alterations they make it fit your body so nice that it's almost better cause it was made for you....you know?? LOL anyways hope this makes you feel even a tiny bit better hun.....GOOD LUCK!! All the best, Tammy
  11. Mine is TODAY....and it's also a lingerie theme....I'm wearing a cute brown pencil skirt with a huge oversized brown belt and a white preppy blouse...looks good so far...FI said....WOW you look nice!!!!
  12. Ya I'm pretty sure I'm doing the same..putting them in my dress bag. They are really easy to fluff up and shape them so they would be find in a suitcase as well. Some people just hold them and walk onto the plane but I wouldn't want to like hold on to them the entire time...just throw em in the garmet bag and go!
  13. Ha Ha Ha this is halarious....I'm going to be stuck on amazed! Wow I'm just in AWE always amazed...LOL
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