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  1. I have 8 centerpieces for sale from my previous post #348 if anyone is interested. They were used at our home reception. Note, they are 4 feet tall. I'd prefer if they were picked up from our home in Jackson, NJ. Please pm me if you're interested! Thanks
  2. How fantastic it would be if you'd check out our photographer's blog and choose our photo as #1...just post a comment choosing our shot and why...please include your name or email as well...here is the link...thanks everyone!!! Kay English Photography: Favorite wedding photo of 2009 contest!!!! Love <3 Sandra
  3. Hi Barcelo Ladies! ow fantastic it would be if you'd check out our AHR photographer's blog and choose our photo as #1...just post a comment choosing our shot and why...please include your name or email as well...here is the link...thanks everyone!!! (our pic is the first one!) Kay English Photography: Favorite wedding photo of 2009 contest!!!!
  4. You could see a more closeup shot at my photographer's blog... Kay English Photography
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Tanya Marie How much are you selling them for? Also, could you tell me the height from the bottom to the tallest branch? I am in Central Jersey too, easy to pick up! I will sell them completely arranged with 5 hanging votives on each one for $40 each one (that's $320 for all . I spent about $70 to make each one, along with my time of course. The branches have ivory silk cherry blossom flowers. From bottle of vase to top of branch is 4 feet (yes, they are tall!).
  6. Hello I have 8 centerpieces like the pictures below ready to sell if anyone is interested. I created 20 of them for our AHR reception a few weeks ago but some table left them behind, so I ended up with 8 left over. It'd be perfect for anyone who is having a small party with a few tables. If they don't sell all arranged together, I'd be willing to sell the parts separately. My husband wired all the hanging candles ( I have about 50 of those) if anyone is having a manzanita/branch like arrangement. I used basic votive candles that come in packs of 12. I would also sell the votive candle holders (only the glass). The green hydrangeas are silk and could easily be changed to a different color to match any decor. The table numbers were held up by a ceramic bird (have those also!). Basically anything you see in the centerpiece or around the table is for sale. Email me at rochas521@yahoo.com. I would prefer to sell them to someone in the NJ/NY/PA area where they'd be picked up or we could meet half way. I live in Jackson, NJ. Thanks ladies!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by nbills511 Is the paisley tie still available?? Yes, it is. Email me at rochas521@yahoo.com if you're interested
  8. Here is the link...our pics are first (Sandra & Mario)... Kay was excellent to work with. She mostly photographs in NJ/NY/CT but will travel for destination weddings as well. Kay English Photography
  9. This is a photograph from our home reception...my hubby and I made them all! The branches were collected from our backyard, I glued on each individual flower, the glass vase is from Michaels along with the green hydrangeas. The votive candles came in packs of 12 for $8. My very talented husband wire each one (80 of them!) so they could hang on the branches. In total each centerpiece cost us about $40 and the results were incredible. We got tons of compliments!
  10. I vote that Jake pick no one...wait for the Canadian girl and the hottie Ed (who is too cute for Jillian, fyi) to break up and then try with her again, LOL.
  11. If Tenley mentions her ex one more time and Vienna fake smiles any harder, I'll vomit. I didn't like Gia either...she was whiny and super annoying...with little smarts. It doesn't matter which girl he chooses, it won't work out. I give it a couple months, tops. Oh, and the top 3 would all suck for Bachelorette. They need to start from scratch and stop the spin offs, PLEASE.
  12. LOL. Thanks! You're too funny. I loved it also Sorry ladies...the sashes have been sold and shipped!
  13. We didn't experience any problems either. We brought our iphones, an expensive camera, our wedding bands, credit cards/money as did our guests and nothing was touched, whether in the safe or outside of the safe. I would keep the most important and expensive items in the safe however. The review was such a disappointment to read. Our wedding was wonderful and everything we wanted without a single error. Our family and friends haven't stopped talking about how incredible it was and it's been over a month already!
  14. I have one of each So it wouldn't be good for groomsmen, etc. It'd be great for only groom or dad. Sorry!
  15. Hi When we first decided on an orange wedding we went crazy and bought a bunch of ties with orange. Then we decided to add pink as an accent color, so my husband ended up wearing a pink tie! So now we have 3 brand new, never used, still in the box ties from thetiebar.com. They sell for $15 each on their site and that's how much I'm asking for also because they're brand new. I will pay shipping however. They are amazing quality for the price. Would easily sell for much more at any department store! Here are the links to the ones I have...if you're interested in any, please email me at rochas521@yahoo.com. Thanks!! Mini Vines - Rust Ties - Wear Your Good Tie. Every Day Erudite - Oranges Ties - Wear Your Good Tie. Every Day Playful Paisley - Peach Ties - Wear Your Good Tie. Every Day
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