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    Water Cooler

    Bwhahahahaha. You think I care honestly? The real people are the ones that got banned. Sorry I dont candy coat things for you Ms. Carly This is for all the BS MODS have done.
  2. *HOLLY*

    Water Cooler

    Well I figured someone started the drama for no reason so here is my reason to start drama. Its always the MODS way if we speak up we get banned. Pretty much BS as I see it! So congrats MODS keep banning away for dumb reason!
  3. *HOLLY*

    Water Cooler

    Welcome to the water cooler where we all can get banned for doing nothing but chatting. WHOOOO HOOO. Come on in the water is great! MOD POWER RIGHT??????!!!!!??????
  4. Making him propose over and over again didnt hurt his feelings?
  5. Thank you! It was an amazing time. I am so happy we went through with it. I love my trash the dress photos over my wedding day ones hahaha The pillars of Hercules are amazing. We wanted to get closer but way too many jellyfish for me to swim around!
  6. *HOLLY*

    Nominate Your MotM for May!

    Mrs ~Nicole~ B2B nom already GOOD LUCK LADIES
  7. *HOLLY*

    Mommies to be check in

    OOOOOoo more boys love it Congrats!
  8. Pics Small stains on bottom you can hardly see. Also a drink was spilled and just looks like a ring but would come out.
  9. Click on the link on the first post.
  10. No it was my friends ceremony dress. Still working on the pics!
  11. Sure I will get pics up in the next day or so. Just regular dirt from sweeoing the floor nothing major!
  12. *HOLLY*

    Mommies to be check in

    I had a crazy dream lastnight. I was hanging out with one of my guy friends and he went to the kitchen to get a drink. I was looking in the mirror and BAM my stomach grew out to a volleyball size and right then and there I gave birth. It was crazy. It was a girl and we named her Olivia. I think the dream is because I want a baby and I say Gossip Girl lastnight
  13. REDUCED TO $75.00 plus shipping. Offers are welcome!
  14. *HOLLY*

    Mommies to be check in

    Such a beautiful "bump"
  15. All items do not include shipping PM me if interested in anything. White Card Stock 100.00 RSVP for $8.00 5x5.75 invite stock count 130 $10.00 3.5x6x5 in packets as follows 102 for $8.00 126 for $8.50 150 for $9.00 Damask card stock pre cut to be a background of a 5x7 pocketfold $5.50 Damask napkins 20 count monogram H $3.00 Caribbean Blue 5x7 pocket folds 20 count $10.00 Also have black mailing envelopes for the pocket folds $3.00 130 RSVP envelopes $7.00 Damask tape perfect for making up a cute box or a vase $3.00 Used for candy bags have left overs $1.50 a pack of 16 2 light blue 2 navy blue 2 black 2 white