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  1. I am leaving tomorrow for P.V. and had one last question! How do I call another U.S. cell phone from my U.S. cell phone once in Mexico...011 and the number I am so excited...congrats to all of the other P.V. brides!!!
  2. I am hoping to put my programs together myself and wanted to know where people have had theirs printed- I know there is always Kinkos, but has anyone had luck with any websites? Thanks!!!
  3. i am still trying to organize my rehearsal dinner and salsa lesson and i am having trouble booking a salsa instructor. does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. Hi Lisa, I have only seen the site in photos, but I have heard great things from other brides and like what I see! My wedding coordinator is Kristin at the Dazzling Details. So far she and her assistant have been great to work with! I will be sure to post photos after the big day! Beth
  5. Not sure if I am too late, but Yelapa is supposed to be really nice. Check out Sunset magazine (Dec 2007/Jan 200 for info.! Beth
  6. I know I have already asked about rehearsal dinner locations but if anyone has updates or new information to contribute that would be great! I have to choose a location pretty soon and I still have not found a place. One option is Sandrina's in Bucerias, however, their website is pretty tacky! Has anyone been there? We ideally would like a place that can accomodate a group of 25 for a nice sit down dinner and then 80 for cocktails and a salsa lesson! Any recommendations? We want to try to do the whole thing for $2000-$2500. Thanks! Beth
  7. Is anyone planning on throwing a post wedding brunch in PV? Or does anyone have restaurant recommendations for festive brunch?
  8. We keep receiving gifts and our wedding is not for 6 months! Do I send the thank you note now (even though I do not even know if they will be attending the wedding) or do I wait until closer to the date! In some cases I am not even sure if they are engagement gifts or wedding gifts!
  9. Have any of the men worn seersucker suits or have any of you ladies seen nice ones? Jason is considering wearing one (or a light tan suit)...
  10. We will be at the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta from May 22-May 30, 2008! I think a few of us will be there at the same time!!! Cocktails ladies Beth
  11. Hi Tara, A recent issue of Budget Travel magazine had a great article on P.V. and they listed some boutique hotels that sound amazing. I think the article is on their website! Beth
  12. Great ideas!!! Keep them coming...and we will probably use digital cameras since that is easier, thanks for the suggestion! Beth
  13. Jason (my fiance) is turning 30 in the middle of November and I was thinking of throwing him a scavenger hunt party. Basically, I will split everyone up into teams, give them a disposable camera and list of tasks and send them out into L.A. Then we will all meet at a bar (close to a drug store where we can have the photos developed in 1 hr) to determine the winner! I want all of the tasks to be related to "30" and I need help coming up with ideas... 1. Building with the address 30 or 3030. 2. Penny from 1977 Thanks ladies!!! Beth
  14. I am trying to conceptualize my wedding weekend itinerary and would love to see what other people are doing. Here is what I am thinking so far: Friday: Welcome drinks at Grand Mayan and distribution of OOT bags Saturday: Grand Mayan pool or beach party. Rehearsal and RD for wedding party. Drinks and salsa lessons for all guests. Sunday: Everyone on their own (I will provide a list of tour operators/activities that are not too exhausting). Wedding at 6:30pm at Casa las Palapas by the Dazzling Details. Monday: Brunch and good byes Am I missing anything What are your
  15. I would really love to use the plastic mesh Mexican market bags for my OOT bags (they are usually striped or plaid in bright colors), but I cannot find small ones online. Has anyone seen them? Thanks!
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