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  1. we didn't have any problem with bugs at all. however i think it was spider mating season or something because apparently the spiders were out, but i saw one, and that is it. i did, however, get ants stuck in the bottom tulle of my dress. (bottom couple inches) which i found totally hilarious. they were my little party crashers! i have no idea about the packages now. they are different from when i got married. however, i would highly higly recommend going over in the morning with your girls. we had such a great time and it was the perfect way to start the wedding day. oh and we didn't plan anything, we just relaxed on the beach and swam and drank some beer. it was PERFECT
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Melissa~ What an awesome idea! I wish I would have thought of that. I collect magnets as well on our trips. It's fun to find a cool one and PV has so many. I'm pretty sure we have a few neat ones from there. Love all the place settings. You girls are so creative :-) haa, thanks for the support! wasn't sure if i was crazy with that one or not!
  3. i didn't wear shoes. our wedding was on the beach and so was our reception/dancing so wearing any type of shoe in the sand wasn't happening. i bought a pair of aqua/blue flat flip flops but really only wore them for our TTD the next day. i had them at the wedding but left them next to a palm tree - not long after there was a pile of shoes/sandals with my flip flops
  4. oh i was thinking about your seating card situation and thought of something i probably would have done had i thought about it before now! we got these awesome hand painted magnets while in PV - and they could be customized. We got our names and wedding dates. Anyway, I was thinking that you could do those for your seating cards and then people go home with a cool hand painted magnet too. i collect magnets from every place we visit so i might think this is cooler than it actually is, but just throwing it out there!
  5. come on aiden! only 3 votes between him and #7 (who is currently in first place)
  6. haa i had a few wedding nightmares too. it was always a version of me swimming to LC. Sometimes I was already in my wedding dress while i was swimming Sometimes I was on a wooden raft with DH. WEIRD!
  7. here are a couple pics i love the drink umbrella idea too! i was totally going to do that but then the starfish seemed easier
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Megan_Rae I need some advice. I am not sure what to do about seating assignments...escort cards or just a simple list of table assignments? Does anyone have any recommendations? Or simple DIY ideas? Is there room at Las Caletas to lay out a bunch of escort cards? Thanks, Megan i did starfish with name cards attached and asked Kelley to prop them up in some sand. they pulled out some cool bowls, filled them with sand and put my starfish place cards in there... let me see if i can find a picture
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi ohhhhh really? well that makes sense...either way he is GOOD totally agree, he rocked
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi Speaking of Fernando....I just read this review, looks like Fernando now has his own salon in Bucerias? http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-review-56485/ Good for him! although, I hope LC continues to use him for hair...he does do a great job! i think he always had his own salon... which was part of the reason he was spendy - because he had to shut down his salon for a day to go out to LC for the day to do a brides hair.
  11. Quote: oh yes it does!!!! haha I ended up on the boat with a bottle of tequila in one hand and glow sticks in the other dancing around the boat! then one of the LC staffers gave me a life vest and tied the bottle of tequila to the bottom of the life vest! party def continues on the boat back where is the picture of this?! there HAS to be one! share!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi IMO you could easily skimp on some of the extra flowers or centerpieces. LC is beautiful as is and doesn't really need a lot of decoration. Other than my bouquet and the table arrangement that our package came with we didn't add anything except for a bag of rose petals for the aisles. i was going to say the same exact thing! the things I would NOT skip on are the firedancers and the extra time. and for sure the party continues on the boat - heck it starts on the boat! we had trouble getting people off the boat both ways
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