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  1. We just got back and here is a sneak peak!! We had a great time!!!! Decided to not get the resort photographer as we heard mixed reviews so had a family member take pictures with our new camera.. very happy! so excited to share, were not posting or sharing any pics until after our AHR May 1st so I havent been able to show anyone!!
  2. I had dress alterations today, here I am all pinned together. I loved it while I was there in person, now looking back at pictures, I am unsure. what do you guys think? I am planning on having my hair curled with a flower by my ear.
  3. I am paying for my maid of honors dress, but only because I do not have bridesmaids and because I know she really cant afford the trip for our wedding but is still coming so i would like to help out.
  4. When I told my dad that we were having a destination wedding, at first I didnt think he would even be attending as he is not much of a traveller, to my surprise he said he is going and asked right away who would be walking me down the isle... I said both of you will be and he was fine with that. I am much closer to my stepdad since he has raised me since I was 4 years old so I wouldnt have it any other way
  5. I have found Vista Print to be very good. Quality has always been great for us. I have made post cards (STD), magnets, brochures as well, I am planning on making our at home reception invites on Vista Print as well!
  6. My MOH is asking that I give her a hand in the shower, she is younger then myself and this will be her first wedding she she is standing in. Our wedding is in April, just wondering when she should plan the shower? should it be like a month before the wedding?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Sita&Nate Your dress looks very similar to mine! Is it moonlight? Yes, It is
  8. I am making luggage tags out of business cards from Vista Print. Question is, has anyone made them without using the plastic ID insert? I am on a tight budget now and thought they would be fine without the plastic, typically when you use the airline luggage tags they are not in plastic so ink rubbing off shouldnt be an issue I wouldnt think... I was thinking of hole punching the end and then attaching ribbon in our wedding colors... thoughts? Thanks
  9. Hi, Congrats on just getting engaged Our colors are Turquoise and chocolate brown/goldish colors, I think they look very nice together! good luck!
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