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  1. I'm not so sure about a special, but I was married SGOR May 15 and they didn't mention any specials. I paid a little over approx $325 for 25 pics in advance, and negotiated nine more pics for $100 after the ceremony. Not sure about the extras, but we did get a nice 8x10 picture frame for free. Mine was an a la carte package; there was no mention of specials. I think you might be misinformed; and what exactly are the extras? Here's my advise: pre pay the smallest package from the large group (not the a la carte like me since you are willing to spend more) and then negotiate after the ceremony f
  2. Okay, so I've been back a few weeks from Jamaica, and here is my review. Keep in mind that only me and DH went; we didn't bring any family or friends. 1. The resort-- gorgeous, clean, beautiful, the best time of my life. Seriously, the staff is amazing: they are happy and pleasant and funny and cool. We stayed in the plantation villas oceanview with butler service (wasn't necessary, but pretty cool). DO eat at the Arizona and the Reef Terrace, the views are amazing. All the food is so great I left a size two and came back a size four! The beach club, BTW, is more fun that swimming by
  3. Okay, I get married in a week but I think I have this figured out. I am a Sandals Beautiful Beginnings bride who has been in contact with other's who did the same free package! The BB pckg does not come with any decor, and most people don't have it on the beach (because you just stand in the sand). I'm sure Ocho Rios is similiar to Montego Bay, and here's what I know: I'm being given the option of five different spots, some have gazebos some don't. Some are really pretty (I've even found a bride that did same spot/ same free pckg) and has enough natural flowers, ect to be awesome. I saw anothe
  4. Just wanted to let the Sandals brides know a couple of things about the Sandals Wedding Coordinators you are assigned when you first book your wedding: 1) They are not the WC you will be using at your resort: you will not have contact with THAT WC until you reach the resort! 2) They are mostly just saleswomen. Yes, they book your time and day for your wedding and they can send you pics of the places you can get married at, but they can't provide you with very specific info (if anything, they wing it)! They make commission on what they sell, which is why they are so pushy. They probabl
  5. Can someone pm me the pics? I'm considering a TTD shoot with her
  6. Hi, in May I'm getting married in Ocho Rios. I am considering doing a TTD session the next day in Dunn River, but my fiance thinks TTD is silly. Can I see anybody's TTD pics (from anywhere!) to see if this is something we should do? You can proudly post here or pm me!
  7. So is this Diana Campbell good? She quoted me a price slightly higher, but she has such good reviews! And is a TTD session worth it? My fiance is against it-- he thinks its silly and weird. I think it's an awesome opportunity.
  8. Okay, is this legit? Merrick Cousley has told me he can do a TTD in Ocho Rios for $225 including: transportation, 2 hour session, 50-100 pics on CD, photo retouching and airbrushing. Others have initially responded with $800 but were willing to negotiate down to $400 (with a shorter session) and Diana Campbell told me to name a price and she'll figure out a package. Did I hit the jackpot, or is this too good to be true?
  9. Hi! I'm getting married at SGOR in May and am looking for a TTD photographer cheap. Can anything be found around $500 or so, or am I out of my league?
  10. Hi, I know pic price has been covered to death but my question still has not been answered! We are really budgeting here, and my WC is so pushy! If I order a la carte pics (without a package), how much per pic? How much per pic on CD? Do they negotiate? If I don't have a package reserved, will the photographer still do a little photo shoot with me? How much for videography?
  11. Hi! I'm getting married May 20 3pm Sandals Ocho Rios. I've been haunting this site for a couple of weeks before joining!
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