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  1. I'm not so sure about a special, but I was married SGOR May 15 and they didn't mention any specials. I paid a little over approx $325 for 25 pics in advance, and negotiated nine more pics for $100 after the ceremony. Not sure about the extras, but we did get a nice 8x10 picture frame for free. Mine was an a la carte package; there was no mention of specials. I think you might be misinformed; and what exactly are the extras? Here's my advise: pre pay the smallest package from the large group (not the a la carte like me since you are willing to spend more) and then negotiate after the ceremony for more pics (and don't worry, they will be happy to sell you the additional pics for extra). You will have two options for the package you pick: they will print them, or they will give you a digital CD. Take the CD. You can upload it to KodakGallery.com and print have them shipped to you. You can pay extra and get them professionally developed there on high quality paper (a little over a dollar per 5x7): it's the same paper, and the developers are better qualified than the ones at the resort. And you can have as many copies as you want without worrying about damaging them in your suitcase.
  2. Okay, so I've been back a few weeks from Jamaica, and here is my review. Keep in mind that only me and DH went; we didn't bring any family or friends. 1. The resort-- gorgeous, clean, beautiful, the best time of my life. Seriously, the staff is amazing: they are happy and pleasant and funny and cool. We stayed in the plantation villas oceanview with butler service (wasn't necessary, but pretty cool). DO eat at the Arizona and the Reef Terrace, the views are amazing. All the food is so great I left a size two and came back a size four! The beach club, BTW, is more fun that swimming by the pier (you'll see what I mean). 2. Be prepared to tip your baggage handler and bus driver about $5 each; tip butlers at end of the week (not daily; we did it wrong!). But you will not tip anyone else on the resort. They really don't take tips (except for the maids). 3. Don't be scared; the resort areas are pretty secluded from everywhere else and resort security is tight even if you don't see it (every inch is on video; security walks around on hidden paths at night, ect). 4. We found a hidden hot tub amongst the villas-- it was down a narrow path, totally hidden from view from any building or road-- we swam (just the two of us) in this giant hot tub surrounded by flora with a bottle of champagne EVERY SINGLE night. It was the most romantic experience of my life. There are many of these spots, ask the staff. 5. Tip your maid or she will get mad. And you will know it, even if you don't see her. And give a few bucks to the night maid who does turn down-- she appreciates it the most. 6. Do check valuables. When we got home we found that the Jamaican airport people had gone through our suitcase and tore open the ring boxes from our wedding; luckily, we were wearing the rings and just packed the little boxes! Okay, so here is my review of our wedding: 1. Calm down, girls-- these people are pros. The WC does this all day, every day. She has this down to a science. 2. Our meeting with WC was the day after arrival; there was a letter about this upon check in. There was also a binder for us to look over with wedding options and add ons. 3. Flower upgrade- I did the free Beautiful Beginnings package and I did not add much on. I was very happy with my flowers (choice: purple or white); I did purple which I thought looked much more tropical than the white I saw another bride carrying the next day. You may get flowers for your hair ($20 extra). Groom gets free boutinere. All flower upgrades start at over $200. 4. Location: SGOR brides almost always choose Reef Terrace, and now I know why. Awesome spot; nice breeze (and trust me, it gets HOT). All other locations would have been scorching. This has beautiful ocean view (though for ceremony, you don't stand in gazebo-- it's bad for pics). Pics will be taken in gazebo with big ocean view following ceremony. This spot is also most private. You will be totally alone. 5. WC has lots of music to choose from, and will help you pick. Besides, it's really only two songs she plays: what you walk down the aisle to (Canon, it's perfect!) and first dance (we did over the rainbow/ what a wonderful world by israel kama-----). Have in mind your first dance song, because otherwise you're just picking from a list; you can burn it onto CD and she will play it. 6. Pics-- you can wait until you get there to order pics. She will help you pick a package; we did agree to the package pre wedding because the photographer would not have spent much time with us otherwise. We did the 24 5x7's for $325 or so. You get two options: burn them on CD, or prints. Take the CD: you can print them yourself any size as much as you want. We viewed the pics in a private room the next day, and than NEGOTIATED for the rest of the pics (12) for an extra $100. Photo's were great, he really posed us, and be sure to ask to go for beach shots at the very end! Be sure to look at the camera when walking down the aisle: that is my only regret. 7. The free hor'douves are crackers and cheese. I could have skipped that part. Cake (we did rum) okay, not great. They will box up the top layer for you to take home, but can you imagine traveling with that? 8. Ceremony was great, but very quick (isn't that always true, though?). 9. The first dance felt corny with the WC and photographer there, but I guess more traditional brides and grooms feel weird with a couple hundred people watching them. 10. Oh, here's the order of things: brides goes to spa and gets hair done ($70, DO THIS, it's fun and makes things stress free). Bride returns to room. Wedding van picks up groom from room and takes him to wedding spot. Security sits with him to make sure he doesn't get cold feet (JK!!!). Van returns to pick up bride (there is only fifteen minutes or so between when groom leaves room and van comes for bride, so be ready). WC will help with any last minute needs (zipping up dress, safety pins, ect) but you cannot doddle your groom is nervously waiting for you. The van parks, bride has short walk to area where marriage is. Now this is why Reef Terrace is great; groom cannot see you at all until WC plays music and you walk down the pathway, turn the corner, and enter the walled garden. Beautiful. Now bride reaches groom, wedding officiant talks (he is funny but serious) about marriage/ love. Exchange of vows. Exchange of rings. Officiant talks. Kiss. You are married! Now bride and groom enters gazebo; sits down at a little table; officiant talks; bride and groom sign marriage registry. More pics. You are done! And now you pose for pics in the wedding location; then in several very close spots the photographer uses every day for posed pics. Now it is hot, hot, hot!!! Photographer is a pro: he carries cloth for you to wipe off shine. He carries hairpins in both brown and black!!!! Cold water is also provided. Now the couple goes back to Reef Terrace (but not same exact spot) and cuts the cake for the photographer; and has first dance (cheesy); and cheese and crackers; and then the cake is served. Attended by personal waiter who is funny. Wedding van takes you back to your room. Make babies. Quick and easy! Fun and romantic! And yes, it feels like a real wedding-- especially the butterflies right before you turn the corner and see your groom. TIPS: 1. Don't let the WC try to talk you into the rose petals and bubble bath add on. She tried to slip it in, my DH didn't even know it was like $200. Luckily I caught on and told her no (she made it sound like free). 2. Candlelight dinner on beach- $170- worth it! romantic. once in a lifetime. they rescheduled us because of rain. Great for your wedding night. 3. Do not get sunburnt pre wedding. My DH regretted that. 4. The photographer told us the hottest time of day was 11am for weddings. We did 3pm and it was still hot. 5. I packed my dress carry on: but steaming it would have been $80 down there so I ironed it myself in room (luckily, my dress could do that). Steaming DH's suit was around $30 but they did a great job. you pay per piece, i ironed his vest myself (easy). 6. You don't pay cash for everything; you just sign your name to bills. Make sure charge card knows your leaving country. And beware: after we called Discover to let them know we are leaving for Jamaica, they lowered our credit limit by a lot! I don't understand why. They didn't even tell us. 7. Buy a calling card here in the states-- we didn't realize that the three calls we make for less than ten minutes each would cost almost a hundred dollars from the room, and we couldn't get cell service out there. 8. Post wedding, we found a staff member who took pics with my cam near our rooms-- some of my fave pics! 9. Relax- the place is safe, and it was so very very easy. Here's a link for pics: Smilebox Playback
  3. Okay, I get married in a week but I think I have this figured out. I am a Sandals Beautiful Beginnings bride who has been in contact with other's who did the same free package! The BB pckg does not come with any decor, and most people don't have it on the beach (because you just stand in the sand). I'm sure Ocho Rios is similiar to Montego Bay, and here's what I know: I'm being given the option of five different spots, some have gazebos some don't. Some are really pretty (I've even found a bride that did same spot/ same free pckg) and has enough natural flowers, ect to be awesome. I saw another bride that did same spot/same pckg with decor upgrades; the upgrades didn't really stand out and was NOT worth the money. So relax, I'm sure Montego Bay has great wedding spots with ocean backgrounds overlooking the beach. Also, don't purchase anything until much closer to your wedding date. The WC's are pushy, and once you pay for something that IS IT! Don't worry, everything will still be available if you wait the month before your wedding (whatever you order now you pay now). Also, other Sandals brides have complained of the WC's telling them they might not be able to sit together and they have come back to this site and in reviews said that is baloney! Especially if you upgrade to a butler level room, he will make anything happen! If anything, I heard the hot appetizer reception is the way to go: cheap, and you get to stretch the wedding part out a bit. But don't worry about decor: just pick a pretty spot! The natural decor will be enough. PM me if you have any questions
  4. Just wanted to let the Sandals brides know a couple of things about the Sandals Wedding Coordinators you are assigned when you first book your wedding: 1) They are not the WC you will be using at your resort: you will not have contact with THAT WC until you reach the resort! 2) They are mostly just saleswomen. Yes, they book your time and day for your wedding and they can send you pics of the places you can get married at, but they can't provide you with very specific info (if anything, they wing it)! They make commission on what they sell, which is why they are so pushy. They probably have never even seen the resort you will be married at. 3) Don't worry; if you don't book extras with them (candlelight dinner, hair appt, photography, ect) you can still book with the actual WC at the resort. And it would be nice to let the real WC earn those commissions anyway! 4) The WC accents are fake. I just called mine two minutes before closing, and she seemed to have LOST her accent. Yes, Melony "Nina" Samuels was as American as I am! I think they are based out of Florida. *Many of you might have figured all of this out right away, but I am way too trusting and didn't understand this. The couple I dealt with were very pushy about me planning details that they made money off of, but didn't really care about which SPOT I wanted to get married at, ect. They are very nice, but very aggressive selling the extras. Thought you'd like to know!
  5. Can someone pm me the pics? I'm considering a TTD shoot with her
  6. Hi, in May I'm getting married in Ocho Rios. I am considering doing a TTD session the next day in Dunn River, but my fiance thinks TTD is silly. Can I see anybody's TTD pics (from anywhere!) to see if this is something we should do? You can proudly post here or pm me!
  7. So is this Diana Campbell good? She quoted me a price slightly higher, but she has such good reviews! And is a TTD session worth it? My fiance is against it-- he thinks its silly and weird. I think it's an awesome opportunity.
  8. Okay, is this legit? Merrick Cousley has told me he can do a TTD in Ocho Rios for $225 including: transportation, 2 hour session, 50-100 pics on CD, photo retouching and airbrushing. Others have initially responded with $800 but were willing to negotiate down to $400 (with a shorter session) and Diana Campbell told me to name a price and she'll figure out a package. Did I hit the jackpot, or is this too good to be true?
  9. Hi! I'm getting married at SGOR in May and am looking for a TTD photographer cheap. Can anything be found around $500 or so, or am I out of my league?
  10. Hi, I know pic price has been covered to death but my question still has not been answered! We are really budgeting here, and my WC is so pushy! If I order a la carte pics (without a package), how much per pic? How much per pic on CD? Do they negotiate? If I don't have a package reserved, will the photographer still do a little photo shoot with me? How much for videography?
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    Hi! I'm getting married May 20 3pm Sandals Ocho Rios. I've been haunting this site for a couple of weeks before joining!
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