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  1. So glad I found this thread. My FI and I were recently debating on this- I think that we should since we are not paying for their travel there but his thought is, if someone got married in another state we would have to pay to travel there and pay for the dress. I think it is what ever fits in your budget and feels right to you. It's your day!
  2. Hi ladies! Any advice on whether or not it is a good idea to wear in a veil in Jamaica? From what I understand it can get pretty windy.
  3. I second that. Glad I found you guys. After reading this thread I think I'm going to ask for rsvps 6 months prior and then chase people down the following 3 or 4 months. Thanks ladies!
  4. I didn't even think of this issue...my FI and I currently live together but perhaps not staying with each other the night of will heighten the anticipation. Something to think about. Thanks!
  5. So we've been working on our budget, not that buying name brand medicine will break the bank but being the frugal fannie that I am seeing the cost savings is killing me. Is it tacky to put generic medicine in the hangover kit?
  6. and my FI (first time I'm using this abbreviation-) doesn't like cheesecake, which is the only "cake" that I like. Has anyone else done something other than cake?
  7. oh so greatful for this thread...thank you! Now maybe I can follow along
  8. Congrat Jennifer! What a great resort you have chosen. We visited the resort recently and saw a wedding taking place, it was beautiful!
  9. Welcome! I am new as well, the site has really helped me in planning. Best of wishes! Traci
  10. There was a lot of back and forth, whether to have it here in Virginia or do a destination...well there are no palms trees in VA nor is the water turquoise blue so...Jamaica it is. Iberostar Rose Hall Suites May 30, 2012 Thanks to the great reviews that helped out make our decision!!!
  11. Traci & Ryan Iberostar Rose Hall Suites May 30,2012 *woot woot*
  12. Welcome Morgan! Join the club, I spend most of my day on here
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