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  1. The Suites did not charge a vendor fee for Rashel. If the vendor is not staying for the wedding, there is no charge.
  2. Since we booked through an agent our room was taken care of before we got there. I had transferred to the Grand for a couple days and noticed we hadn't been billed for the wedding. I went back over to the front desk and they had it there. Im assuming it would be on your room bill.
  3. I spent some time with the wonderful folsk at the front desk of the Suites and he told me they do upgrade people from time to time to the Grand. I guess keep in mind that they will do this if its something that will benefit THEM and not necessarily. Hotels overbook all the time and hope people cancel. When they don't they dangle "upgrades" etc in our faces and we most of the time hop on them. Consider your wedding day and the costs, but the idea of possibly heading to a BM's room or your parents room is a good fallback.
  4. My guess is no. I couldn't even get out photographer to go take pics of my hubby before the wedding since he had already moved over.
  5. I had my license in about 5 weeks. It cause no issues for me as I still havent fully transitioned on the name change. :/
  6. I would say the Suites is a much more laid back feeling resort. We stayed @ the Suites for 4 days and move to the Grand the day of the wedding to stay for another 5 days. We spent most of our time back over at the Suites. The Grand is elegant and grand, but the atmosphere was stuffy. We went back and talked to our buddies at the front desk of the Suites and he told us most people who have stayed at the Suites prefer it. He even mentioned that people have refused upgrades from the Suites to the Grand. I never got over to the Beach property except for lunch at their beach front restaurant. $50 a person to attend the wedding is steep but cheaper than what it would cost to stay at the Grand. How big is your wedding guest list and is it something you would consider subsidizing for them?
  7. I personally encountered NO sand flees or mosquitos. I did take repellant but never used it. Take a look on trip advisor to see if anyone else mentioned it. I would say go prepared, like maybe just brining a large quantity for the group to share but I honeslty don't remember seeing anything that alarmed me concerning sand fleas.
  8. The Suites provide the regular menu they use for dinner. If you would like something personlized, you would have to get the menu options from them and create your own. I am sure it would be no problem to put those out at the tables.
  9. I would assume the sky lanterns are allowed as long as the wind isn't up. Keep in mind that there is often quite a bit of wind coming off the ocean. I would say take them but don't be disappointed if they don't allow you to use them the day of.
  10. Im not sure why the idea of having to go into this gets under my skin, but each time I read a post I feel some kinda way! :/ If you send out invites or info on the wedding and include the HOST hotel, its a no brainer to me. WE, the bride/groom will HOST you at this resort....not the freakin island. Should YOU choose to stay elsewhere...its on YOU!! Granted, I had a few people that I thought would be traveling with children and I offered them to stay at the Beach and not the Suites. It didn't end up happening but I was clear to the TA who these "exceptions" were and that was that. I did have people who did not go with the TA (even though she did price match) but they didn't adventure outside of the resort. Maybe I was fortunate but the bottom line is guests need to realize that the HOST hotel is where the HOSTING and action will take place and not complicate matters! If it were a stateside wedding and you state that a shuttle will pick you up from Main St. Marriott, would guest stay at the Holiday Inn and still expect shuttle service? NO! Okay...of my soapbox and to work I go! Quote: Originally Posted by bruceg05 I'm trying to go green with my wedding and not print off a crap ton of stuff. So I just referred everyone to my website because I know that everyone besides 2 people on the list have a computer. My website says: "Being that the wedding will take place on the Iberostar grounds, we also highly recommend that you stay at that hotel. If not, transportation to and from different hotels in the Montego Bay area may be pricey and a day visitors pass will have to be purchased." I think I am going to put in there that it can cost in excess of 100 dollars pp to do so, which is at that low end. I'm a blunt person that doesn't sugar coat things. So if anyone asks me about it, I've pretty much just said they have to stay there. I think I may also put in there they cannot be guaranteed the ability to come into the resort if they don't stay there. Because we also get a discount on rates for both me and the future hubby and our guests through our TA I also put: "We chose to use BLANK at BLANK. She is FANTASTIC and will make sure you have the trip of a lifetime. She arranges flights, transportation in Jamaica and accommodations. To find out more details regarding pricing and travel, feel free to contact her at (phone). PLEASE NOTE: By booking with her, you are eligible for discounted rates on your vacation." I feel that if people do their research after being told this, they will book at the Iberostar. Most of my guests would stay at a place because it's cheaper so this will kind of sway them away from that decision. If you look at it, there aren't that many more affordable places to stay through my travel agent (I'd say Sunset Beach, Decameron, I think Breezes? and maybe holiday inn?) So looking at those rates, it'd be pretty clear that you'd break even or pay more by staying off the Iberostar property.
  11. Im a past Suites bride and I dont regret one but my decision to go there. Our decision was based on 1 wedding per day, proximity to airport, value and of course the consistent ratings of the resort. We wanted it to be a real vacation for our guests. The weddings there are beautiful and I think you will love it!
  12. Cake cutting/serving supplies are provided. I do not even remember what they looked like. We did our toast on the beach immediatley following ceremony, so yes they provided those but I'm assuming you would either ask that they hold this toast until reception or do an additional one inside. Neither should be a problem. You can customize the head table any way you want but the standard decor includes flowers from Tai Flora. If you want different flowers or other items, it will be a up-charge I am sure.
  13. This is a tough one. Part of me wants to say plan to make at least 40 OOT bags. You can always sell or give the extra stuff away to family who couldn't make it. RSVP's can be frustrating. I'm starting to think the RSVP courtesy is a thing of the past but I also think its just tacky not to do so. As far as numbers you give the resort, you are only charged for those who actually show up. Nicole goes over your final things list when you meet with her a couple of days before the wedding. Pretty much anything can be changed on that list. My numbers changed slightly and it was no problem.
  14. Are you referring to the Iberostar Beach resort or the Beaches chain? Either way....this is the reason I did NOT open other options up to stay elsewhere. If they chose to do so, it was on them and so was the day pass. The Suites were the "host hotel." I did inform my TA that she could offer the Beach hotel to several of our folks based on the fact that they had children and would likely need to save some $. I specified who these people were up front. My dad was the only person who ended up staying @ the Beach because he waited til the last minute to book. The TA told him about the day passes and of course he paid for it himself. By the way, he kept his visitor bracelet on for more than the wedding day and had no issue hanging with us on the beach and pool. I say offer them the Suites, if they choose elsewhere then they pay the pass. If its not going to work, then they see pics when you return! LOL! Oh and there are no additional fees unless you do excursions or spa visits!
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