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    T&C Specific Packing List

    Funny you mentioned the weather cause I just checked the weather in Turks and Caicos (We leave June 14th) and it's raining non stop. What happened to 350 days of sunshine? It didn't even cross my mind to plan for a rainy day on my wedding. I have no idea WHAT to do now........ Krys, we booked Tropical Imaging for our wedding. How do they handle weather situations? I am super nervous now.. Is there any reason to pack sneakers or jeans?
  2. Hello!! I saw a bunch of packing lists on the other sections of the forums, however it is meddeled with stuff that is needed for mexico or other destinations. I wanted to get a packing list from T&C brides and tell me things you wish you would have brought and things you were glad you brought. I want it specifically for T&C....Thanks
  3. kathf

    Atabeyra or Sail Provo...T&C ladies!

    We booked through Sail Provo, we decided to do a sunset cruise for our entire wedding instead of a reception. So far, very pleased.
  4. They do not offer any dolphin excursion in Turks and Caicos!
  5. kathf

    Beaches T&C Photos

    So, It's Official!!!!!! We booked David at Tropical Imaging today. We cannot wait and I am so glad we made the switch, even though its only a few weeks away. Ileana was great in answering all my questions and giving me advice and working with our very tough and tight schedule! Thanks everyone!
  6. I am having a real hard time figuring out a present to get my maid of honor. My husband got his best man a shark fishing trip while in Turks and Caicos and I don't want to do a typical massage (especially since he's doing something unique). I really need to do a unique idea and need some help please!
  7. kathf

    Beaches T&C Photos

    Well after some easy convincing, I am canceling my Photography package with Beaches and have talked to Ileana and I am booking with Tropical Imaging.....Now the question is, what photographer?! I am stuck
  8. kathf

    Beaches T&C Photos

    Good Morning, I am getting married at Beaches Turks and Caicos in June. The thing I am most nervous about is photography. They offer no portfolio of their photographers. I was hoping any brides who've recently were married at Beaches T&C could share their photo's from the onsite photographers. Also any tips/advice will be helpful! Thanks
  9. kathf

    Beaches T&C Bride

    Good Morning! I am Kathleen and I will be getting married at Beaches Turks and Caicos June 18th, 2010! Cannot wait to read and get advice!