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  1. Okay...I need some advice! Is it INSANE to think of having a nice, inexpensive wedding in T&C My fiance and I really are trying to have everything ie..ceremony, legal fees, reception, hotel, flights (us only, not guests), photography for UNDER $8,000 We are hoping to have around 30-40 guests. We are taking a trip to T&C in July to scope our some places. Here's what we are thinking as of right now.... Catamaran..Sunset/snorkel trip-Rehersal Dinner! (we're going for a very non-traditional wedding! The Sands-Ceremony Hemingways or Bay Bistro-Reception (small sit down dinner) Possibly Tropical Imaging for photos (im currently pricing on bringing a photographer with us...depending on what will be less expensive) Slap me into reality if i'm in over my head!!! We are paying for everything ourselves and don't want to go broke doing it! Thanks in advance...
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