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  1. The most used items in my oot bags were by far the drawstring backpacks we packed it all in and a badge holder on a carabiner to carry their ID and room key in. The anvil was much appreciated too. Oh my gosh, how could I forget!! THE MOST used item was the color changing cups with a palm tree, Jamaica and the year. Remember you can keep that logo generic enough that others on BDW will want to go in on fulfilling the minimum order.
  2. I actually had people last year not book to come to our wedding because of concerns about weather... ridiculous. I can't live life like that. So the entire time we were there is was warm, a bit humid and never rained for more than 10 minutes... EXCEPT for my wedding day. All of the other weddings that day were fine. At about 3:30 a storm started to roll in. My wedding was a 4 and we were supposed to be having a cocktail reception on the beach. When I was coming out to walk down the aisle, it was BLACK behind me in the sky and blue over the water. THe officiant told us he had talked to "
  3. We were 35 including the photographers and us... it was the perfect size for us!
  4. my time as passed :: almost one year ago
  5. Moving... need to get the last out of the house. Â Matchbox style slide boxes set of 12 ($2) Â Basic blusher veil (never used) $5 Â Sequins and glass beads (left over from project for DH). $2 Â Favor Bags (set of 50) Used for tissues for tears of joy $2 Â Best Bargains for Weddings Book $5 Â Everything Destination Weddings Book: $5 Â PM to request shipping and arrange sale.
  6. Hi Ladies,  I come back to my favorite forum to sell the last of my things prior to moving back to Virginia from Texas. (I know I have been absentee on here for a bit, but I missed it and I am back now that I was able to change jobs.)  For sale: Davids Wedding Dress Size 22 (Street size 18-20) Only hemmed, not altered in any other way. Corset back, lace cap sleeves, empire waist, no train  Only worn once? Cleaned and hanging in my closet for about 8 months. $150 obo.    Bev
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by whitechocolate Speaking of Vaseline, I just ordered something called Body Glide (I'm pretty sure I read about it on here) that is supposed to be fantastic for chub rub, blisters, etc. Anyone else use this product? It got great reviews on amazon. Body Glide is the best! Use it on your feet too if you are going for a hike or anything. It rocks! I wish I had remembered to pack a few small sharpie markers. It was on my list, but I forgot them. They were going to be for people to write their names on their cups from us. Oh well... they managed.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 Can you tell me where you got the tip holders and the first aid kits? Pretty please THe tip holders I bought as resealable badge holders from ebay and then used a keychain from OTC and a template from here. Quote: Originally Posted by sarah310 I love the frames with the numbers in the sand...too bad they sold already! Where did you get them? I bought them from another BDW bride. As for WHATS LEFT? I still have 3 wedding books, a veil, the tie dye bags, magnetic clips, matchbook style boxes, the cylinder bud vases I
  9. I can get you the Pampered Chef version of Jamaican Jerk seasoning in 2.1 oz bottles at a significant discount... like $2.00 a bottle... PM me if you are interested.
  10. I am not in the contest this time but I lost two pounds this week and my EA Active game on my Wii kicked my butt and quads with some serious squats and lunges! Keep it up girls!
  11. Honeycrisp Apples are the best! More expensive but so good and satifying! I am on the road all day 4 days a week. I am in and out of schools and an office in a 100 miles radius. I put 800 miles on my car in the last two weeks. I have finally started packing my lunch and snacks in a cooler in the car and coming home regularly to my Wii and EA active 30 day challenge. I didn't join the biggest loser group this time for the challenge because as the lovely person that WON last time, was my buddy, and happens to have posted above me can tell you... my health and my schedule fight me too hard. So...
  12. I did not get married there but I have been there on vacation. It is a perfectly sized adorable resort with great staff and amenities! Enjoy!
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