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  1. Here's the link to the booklet: http://www.single-serving.com/Spanish/American_Spanish_Phrases-USL.pdf I just cut and pasted the booklet into a VistaPrint brochure.
  2. They're both on the Sunrise side. Barracuda doesn't have A/C. It has fans and gets a little ocean breeze, but if you think your guests would prefer A/C, you should choose La Gondola. Barracuda is a steak house & pretty good. They don't have a buffet there, so I'm assuming you'd get a set menu or everyone would get to order off the menu. That would be something else to consider when making your decision. Moving it to the day before your wedding wouldn't be a bad option either. You could have a separate brunch for the ladies and then a "rehearsal dinner" that night. Most wedding guests are probably accustomed to attending a rehearsal dinner (even though in this case there will probably not be a rehearsal). I'm sure it will be a great night whatever you choose!
  3. They have them at MP in both the Sunrise & Nizuc lobby gift shops.
  4. Sorry I can't help you with these questions (her response is very confusing!), but while I was at MP I did take a couple of pictures for you of the maracas they have there. As someone else commented before, the 2 for $5 ones are nice. The closeup picture is of the 2 for $5 ones. The ones that are 2 for $10 are pretty much the same just a little bigger. The less expensive ones seemed plenty big. Sorry I can't be of much help with your reception questions, but I would guess when she says "If you get 30 rooms nights you will get a cocktail included for 1 hour," she just can't guarantee that you get the free cocktail hour until the guests are actually there. If you have 54 nights you will get the cocktail hour.
  5. I used Raffia fans from Oriental Trading Company. Our wedding was in July and the fans were appreciated by the guests to help with the heat. I noticed (when watching our wedding video) a lot of people using them while waiting for the ceremony to begin. I had no idea how everything would be ordered during the ceremony (until I met with my WC onsite), so I just designed a lengthwise business card on VistaPrint with our names, our parents names and our attendants names. I punched a hole in the business cards and tied them to the raffia fans with ribbon.
  6. You can also play after 2:30 for $160. My husband and I are playing one full price round & 2 twilight priced rounds with our resort credit--which leaves just about $300 (the max for the spa). We're bringing our own clubs since it's just $50 for an extra piece of luggage (vs. the $150 we'd have to pay MP to rent 3 times). The Resort Dollar promotion is great for golf! The main reason we're going back this year (we leave tomorrow!) is because the Resort Dollar promotion is still ongoing & we can get so much free golf!
  7. I would suggest a reservation at Arrecifes they have a great terrace location for your private party or if you want (or if the weather isn't great) you can sit inside & the area they set you up in is pretty private. You do have to go to the buffet line for the salad (but I've never seen a long line there), so your guests would just have to get up one time. Otherwise all the meats & then desserts are brought to the table. We had a wonderful experience there, and your guests wouldn't be limited to one entree. The first time we went to Moon Palace we loved the Caribbean Restaurant, but the last time we went it was our least favorite dinner. I'm sure you'll have a nice dinner at either place though.
  8. Thanks! I hadn't heard of the 2 free nights, but we're going a little outside of the one year time frame since we got married at the beginning of July, so I guess we missed out. I might have planned our trip a little differently if I'd known about that perk. The only special I know of for anniversary couples is a small cake delivered to your room. Our legal wedding date (since we got married after we returned home) happens to be the day we check-in, so I've asked as a surprise for my husband to have the cake waiting in our room upon check-in. We really just celebrate our MP anniversary date, but since we happen to be traveling to MP on our legal anniversary I thought it would be nice to have something special waiting for us in our room at check-in.
  9. We're heading to MP next week for a one year anniversary trip, and I received a very helpful email from MP this weekend that I thought I would share. I never received this much info when I was planning my wedding! There's a lot of good info on the Vacation Dollar Promotion and a current spa menu with prices in the attachments. And here's the text of the email with contact info: Hello Dear Guest First of all let me thank you for your preference in palace resorts. My name is Dai Jimenez, palace vacation planner, I´m glad to assist you with the information you are requesting. Attached please find more information about the resort credit promotion.You can book in advanced the golf, Spa, Swiming with dolphin and romantic dinner promotion. The tour available for the resort credits promotion must be requested upon your arrival. About the Swim with dolphin tour: Monday to Sunday at [09:30] [11:00] [12:30] [14:00] [15:30] Location: Wet & Wild water park. Price 129.00 usd. The Resort credit promotion can be used towards this tour. If you would to enjoy the water park, we have a especial offer, just pay 20.00 usd more and you get the All inclusive fee for Wet & Wild. The Resort credit promotion can be used towards this tour. Transportation is not included. All participants in the Dolphin Swim Program must be at least 8 years old and no less than 48 inches tall. Swim with the dolphins has a maximum of $200 over the following dates April 14 - 24, 2011 and June 15 - August 15, 2011. This restriction does not apply to Palace Resort members. Romantic Dinner : Cost: 350.00 usd per couple. Resort credits can be used towards this service. I hope this information helps you and your family to create a great moment for this vacations. Feel free to contact me back if you have a question. Have a nice day. DAI JIMENEZ. PALACE VACATION PLANNER TELEMARKETING CEDIS | KM.21 CARR. CANCUN-PUERTO MORELOS | CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO C.P.77500 ( (52)(998) 1932010 Ext. 4444 * djimenez@palaceresorts.com PALACERESORTS.COM | LEBLANCSPARESORT.COM | HARDROCKHOTELPUNTACANA.COM Toll Free Number: 1 877-797-2523 USA 1 866-942-6347 CAN 1,500 ResortCredit Flyer 29JUNE11.pdf SPA MENU 2011 - CUN-RM.doc Tours Palace Resorts Cancun - Riviera Zone.doc $1500 USD Resort Credit Promotion Cancun-Riviera.doc
  10. I just designed my own logo on PowerPoint, and then I saved it as whatever type of file was required on VistaPrint & then selected Upload an Image when VistaPrint asked what design I wanted to use for a product. Once it was uploaded on their site, it was saved to my account & I could use it on all the products.
  11. I started by going to http://www.vistaprint.com/deal2010 which I think offers more free items than just going to the VistaPrint site. The free item that was most important to me was the tote bag which is free through that specific VistaPrint link. I designed my tote bag once (& uploaded my image once). Somehow I never paid for the upload of my image (maybe there was a promotion with one of my early orders), but regardless you only have to pay for the upload once & then you can use the logo free on as many other products as you want. I started with the tote bag & then I would design and add the other various free products to my cart. The shipping on the tote is a little over $4 & I would add a few products that just made the shipping go up a little. For example, I ordered a tote bag, a pen, a sticky note pad & a note pad and the total shipping came out to $4.41. (I just did a sample order with those products a few minutes ago & the shipping totaled $4.92). After you add each product, go to your "cart" and then press checkout & you'll see the shipping prices. Play around with your order to see what combination of items gets you the most economical shipping price. The shipping varies based on the combination of products, but the weirdest thing is that sometimes adding a free item (like a pen) would make my shipping price for the order go down. It doesn't make any sense! Any item you remove from your cart is saved in your account, so you can go back & order it any time (even if you don't order it right when you design it). It's sort of a game trying to figure out the best combination of products & best price. When I would have brochures in an order, the shipping was a little more, but I never paid much more than $15 for an order & for those $15 orders I was getting a lot of products. After the first order (if you just want a lot of those products), then you just go to your order history & click "reorder." Then you get the same products for the same price you paid for the first order (minus the design fee if you had to pay that in your first order). It seems very inefficient but since you can only get one of each of the free items per order, you have to do it that way to get the best prices. Hope that helps! Good luck! Quote: Originally Posted by rae12vb Can you explain again how you did this on Vista print?
  12. Which part? Most of the items (like the brochures) were made on VistaPrint & there's no way to save the templates for others to use. On the items I printed at home, I think I have templates saved that I can share.
  13. I placed separate orders on VistaPrint & paid a little over $4 for shipping each time. I would get about 4 different "free" products in each order (i.e. 1 tote bag, 1 pen, 1 sticky note pad, 1 note pad). I used all the free items in my OOT bags and ended up with personalized bags (along with a lot of other items) for cheap. The first time I ordered from VistaPrint they sent me a web address with a bunch of free items & I just kept using that web address to order. I just checked the site to see if the offer was still valid, and it appears to be. The free tote bag is still an option when I click on the website below. The website is http://www.vistaprint.com/deal2010 You have to pay one time for uploading your design, but after that, you can use your design for free. I was able to use the logo on all sorts of products for my OOT bags. Here are my OOT Bags: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/59940/oot-bags-complete-lots-of-pictures But for the teenagers in my group, I gave them the Hibiscus bags from Oriental Trading. A bride was selling a couple extra on this site & I was just a few personalized bags short because of some last minute RSVPs. The hibiscus bags worked great & are a great option for OOT bags if you don't want to go through the hastle (or expense) of having personalized bags made.
  14. My mom actually found the flowers for my BM bouquets at Michael's (on clearance). They were small white roses in pots, but she pulled them out of the pots, added stems & made them into bouquets. I had looked at getting Real Touch flowers, but since we planned the whole wedding in about 3 months, it was too late to get custom orders from the places I found. If I had known about Marvin delivering flowers to the resort, I probably would have gone with his bouquets. I was very happy with the free bouquet from MP, but I just wasn't going to pay the amount they were charging for BM bouquets even though I only needed 2. Good luck!
  15. I asked this question back in May or June 2010 for my wedding last year, here was my WC's response: Gerber daises bouquets are $95 USD. We can have them in orange, yellow & hot pink. None of MP flowers are cheap! I ended up using fake flowers for the bridesmaids & used the free bouquet for my flowers.
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