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  1. oh god im really worried now, im a UK bride and was planning on having the photos with the resort photographer. i was going to take to some samples of how we want some of the photos so he could do them for us etc, i just hope they turn out ok now, we cant afford an outside photographer and harder to book one being in the UK
  2. aw im so glad theres some one else, i thought i was going to be the only one hahha. we are planning on having ours nov 2011 just waiting for the flights to come out then we can book it. Which package are you having, we are going to have the sapphire package as i love blue. so excited now theres aother 2011 bride xxx
  3. hey nutty im in the same boat as you, im from uk and have about 20 going over for our wedding, so think we are just going to have the meal we get within our package rather than doing private function , i dont think there is enough of us to actually have the private function but never mind. just want to make sure we pick some where nice for the meal and just decorate the table extra special . we are going with the sapphire package and have been told that we can change the flowers and cake once we get there as i to really dont like the flowers and thats what i was worried about. but you ca
  4. hey girls just wondering if theres any 2011 brides getting married at moon palace ?
  5. im also wondering about the firework display hun, we have been told we get this in our package so i want to know when they do it and if its any gud??
  6. hey girls. just wondering if anyone could give me some information regarding the firework displays they do at moon palace. we have been told that we get this within our package just wondered what they was like and how they do it? hope someone can help xx
  7. hey girls could anyone please advise me on the best time to go mexico, i keep reading and hearing different things. we were planning on going nov 2011 but is this hurricane season.
  8. hey girls, i'm from the UK and we are planning on having our wedding at moon place in nov 2011, looks gorgeous. can't wait to book it just waiting for the travel agent to call us when we can. we have about 20 of us going out there so far. anyone else planning on going to this hotel??
  9. me again, was just wondering if anyone is having the firework display. we get this within our package but just wondered when they actually do this and if anyone has actually had this and what was it like. we were thinking of not telling our family about it so it would be a nice surprise for them. would love to hear from someone about this xxx love gem
  10. hey girls im from uk and we are planning on having our wedding at moon palace, cant wait. we are thinking of going with the sapphire package as i want blue for my bridemaids. Does anyone know if just get a cake or whether you can actually pcik what you want ive seen a photo of cakes with shells in icing that someone had at the moon palace and was just wondering if you can pay extra to get a more detailed cake etc. also does anyone have any photos of the flowers the hotel provides? hope someone can help xxx
  11. could some one please explain what you actually do for a sand ceromony. i have never heard of one before but ive just looked at that website above and it looks lovely. i hope someone could help me
  12. hi everyone we are planning on having our wedding at moon palace in 2011 i know its ages away, just wanted to here some views on those who have had their wedding here, was it what you expected nice well organised??. we are planning on having the cocktail party and hiring and private function to make it more personally , has anyone else done this and if so was it nice really hope people can help as we just hope its how we want our wedding to be gem xxx
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