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  1. I will have to try and find a number for the miami office i think. Its hard though with me being on a different clock and I also work shifts. I need to get something sorted soon. I am really having regrets.
  2. Thanks Mocha much appreciated. We did have a Miami contact but apparently shes been promoted, so she has passed our details to another person. We e-mailed her and shes on holiday for two weeks, so will have to wait, probably until the new year.
  3. HI, I'm getting married at MP March 2011. I've been throught all the threads but have loads of questions that I need answering. I have stayed at the m.p before and loved it, hence booking my wedding there. However, speaking to anyone about the wedding is a nightmare and I really regret it. Living in the England I couldn't really be much further away and they are making things difficult. They take weeks to respond and then keep passing us from person to person, but will take money of us quick enough. I've opted for the sapphire package. All i know at the minute is what information I've found on the forum. They really aren't interested. Does anyone know an exact list of what the free vacation dollars can be spent on and if we will still get them being from the u.k? I've heard that people have used them for their packages how have they managed to do this when it has to be oaid for 2 months before the wedding? Has anyone else also heard from their planner with a date around this time? Thanks Donna
  4. Hi, I'm getting married at MP 19/03/2011. Anyone else on this day? I've heard about people getting $1500 vacation dolars, anyone got them?
  5. Sorry not been on here for ages, I've booked and am having the Sapphire package. I might add some extras later on if I have the money. I'm having the photographer that comes with package, its just too much hassle to organise another or pay $4000, plus fee for their work for a photographer to come from the u.k
  6. I've not been here for ages, but I've booked my wedding march 2011, yay at mp!
  7. hi Guys, I'm getting married at MP March 2011 and am having the Sapphire Package.
  8. I'm getting married at MP too. I heard that If you have a complementary package, that you will have it wherever suits them. I couldn't take that chance being from the UK so booked a package!
  9. Thanks for all you help. Don't think i will be dying any flowers.
  10. Hi, My h2b and myself have decided on a blue wedding. I am now looking for ideas for flowers and boquets in blue. Hydrongena flowers are blue, but I don't particular like them. I'm looking at real touch or fake flowers as I'm marrying mexico. Does any one have ideas of what flowers and where i could get them from. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I'm getting married in March 2011 in Cancun, Mexico. I got engaged there March 2009It does seem ages away, but goes quick, my engagement feels like it was yesterday Just enjoy planning it all, at least you don't have to rush and you'll also have more time to save and have the wedding you want. Good luck!
  12. We like the idea of the Sapphire. Everyone keeps talking about adding onto the free package. We have only seen a small list of optional extras, like dvd, photos, flowers etc. However one bride that got married at MP Dec 09 states that she brought the beach decorations - sashes etc seperate as an extra. I have been to the MP, checked the internet and liased with wedding co-ordinators at MP there seems to be no option now to do this. One of my concerns was that if we had the free package then the beach dec's would be white/ cheap - boring.
  13. Thanks, were getting maffied at Moon Palace in March.
  14. What time would people recommend for a wedding? I am getting married on the beach in mexico?
  15. Hi all, Anyone had a palace resorts wedding? I need to decide on what wedding package to have and just can't. Is there anyone that has had one or can recommend one. We are think of either the free package or the sapphire or diamond package because of our wedding colours. Any help/advice much appreciated.
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