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  1. Just a little information for you ladies. I got married at MP on 10/21 and used their Photographer and he was wonderful. His name was Ruben and I can say he did the best job ever. Pictures were very important to me because the first time my husband and I got married (10 years ago) I wasnt happy with the pictures. Now that we renewed our vows we needed for our pics to be perfect. I can say that our pictures are wonderful. I will post some soon. And the video was the best.
  2. Congratulations and welcome back. You looked lovely on your special day.
  3. MrsC2be your right. I got the new price quotes also and they are more expensive then quoted on the palace website. The photographer seems to know what she's doing. Make sure you ask her for samples of her work. She sent me some and they were good.
  4. You know thats a good questions sarahrose. I have to decide. My alterations are scheduled for 9/4. I have a lot of thinking to do.
  5. Thanks a bunch ladies. I think I will go with the flip flops and save the heels for pictures after. Not having a reception
  6. Was just trying to figure out if I wanted to wear heels or flip flops. If you wore heels can you tell me was it uncomfortable? Were your heels sinking into the sand and the runner. Please can I have your advise??
  7. Those shoes are really nice. My shoes are blue also. GO FOR IT!!
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