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  1. Love this hotel and location - we got married here in may 2011 - Perfect location x
  2. Congrats Elissa... Will be stalking you on FB the next week or so and already love the pic you have posted this morning... I miss this site & know no-one on here anymore really, have been talking to previous BDW brides today on FB and thought id stop by and see whats going on. It will be 5 weeks on Monday to our 2nd anniversary and we miss the RPRM so much... Good luck to all you lovely brides to be, It will be amazing :-) Im so jealous, dont get me wrong I love being a wife and wouldnt change it for the world although secretly I still wish i was planning so i had it all to look forward to again and had all the lovely ladies on here to plan with x
  3. Personally i really believe the saying "you cant please all the people all the time" We had 5 guests. My mum and dad, hubbys sister and hubby and their baby. Everyone said it was to expensive. which we knew but it was our wedding day and if we had done anything else it would kind of defeat the object of it being our wedding day!! Yes we were upset at certain people not being able to come but right from the start we had always said if it was just the two of us then we would go and do it anyway, so i think we were lucky having the 5 come :-) Luckily no-one was funny with us about it, but we still would have done it even if they were. After all it was OUR wedding, we were getting married to make a commitment to each other not anyone else.... Why get married somewhere everyone else wants you to get married? Its not their wedding.....Your not getting married for them.... It sounds harsh i know and dont get me wrong family and friends are very very important to me but so was marrying my husband how and where we wanted to get married!!! We absolutley made the right decision and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
  4. I just contacted the hotel on the generic email address my TA gave me then, had a reply from Nancy, so then i just used the email she used :-)
  5. This is brilliant, fantastic, I love it :-) Brings goose bumps to my body!!! I love this place, I get so emotional when i see it, as it brings back so many brilliant memories!! I want to do it all again, I could cry!! Great find hun xxx
  6. We just booked and stayed in a basic room, apparently it was an upgrade but i think what made it an up grade was it was a view of the fountains near the Kiosk rather than a view of bushes!! We were glad of the view as i like to sit and watch the world go by in a morning with a coffee :-) but weren't bothered about the jacuzzi (there is a mini jacuzzi built into the bath) as we would have paid for something we would have prob only used once!! Hubby used the mini jacuzzi in bath once (photo opportunity) he said it was OK & its very loud :-) We had ours in the lobby bar to the back, it was perfect, set back slightly from other hotel guests but not cut off completely..... I dont think i would have wanted it anywhere else!!! :-)
  7. Well i told a little "porky" i was once a bridesmaid to my sister (but thats coz im her sister) so this one is slightly different because a friend has asked me :-) x I bet it feels so good to say that!!! :-) Its soooo exciting x
  8. Thats great news :-) One less thing to think about!! You know the stress is all part and parcel of it.... you will look back one day and think.... eh? why did i worry about that? or why did i worry about this? but it will all add to the experience of wedding planning :-) and on the day it will all be worth it x xx
  9. Yes i think you are right..... im sure its a maximum of 2. I read that somewhere or i was told it!!! xx I have a Ann Summers hen party on Saturday then heading into town, will possibly post some piccys for you girls to have a look at.... haha, I will also post my bridesmaid shoes and dress too, if you girls wana see? Nic x
  10. Thanks Elissae x Im going to be a bridesmaid on the 19th July.... its so exciting, ive never been a bridesmaid before :-) I just love weddings x
  11. I emailed the resort in July 2010 (getting married may 2011) for the first time and asked that same question. Then i was in touch with Nancy on and off for the duration :-) Email them, the longest i ever had to wait on a reply was about 48 hours. xx
  12. I think they will be fine, If i were you i would just update them everytime i get one more confirmation, and let the WC know there may still be more to come... that way your just keeping them in the loop :-) x
  13. WOW you ladies im sooooo happy : More RPRM brides Im more of a lurker these days as im an "old" married now.... but i do still like to come and have a nosey and see whats what I love the FB page you have done Elissae, Great idea!! Thanks for the invite. You ladies are having such a ball with all the planning, wish i was still at that stage (although im sooooo happy to be married to my hubby) The planning stages for me were fab, met so many lovely laies on here who im still intouch with on FB from the USA, Canada and the UK... we went through so much together as you girls will find out You'll become a little family I spent so much time on here, we all went through so much good times, bad times, and became great friends. The one thing i will say to all you lucky RPRM brides is you will and i mean WILL have the best time of your lives, you couldnt have chosen a better resort if you tried.... Good luck with everything ladies and i'll be lurking around getting wedding planning envy!!!
  14. We have about 54 pro pix on FB (out of the 164 we got done) and 96 taken by our brother in law. If you want to add me on FB Nicola Creely (profile pic is same as pic on here) then you can come have a look if you like...... Nic x
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