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  1. Hey guys!! I would love to promote a product I'm selling on the website, but I don't want to do anything that might get me in trouble. How do I become a vendor? Anyone know?
  2. Billandstina- We never got a chance to go "out and about" before the wedding. We wanted to, but time slipped away from us! I thought about waiting as well but I'm so glad I didn't, as I did not want to worry about find things once I got there. But that's just me, I've seen posts from other brides who found their flowers ect at markets or flower shops. Thanks for the love everyone!
  3. Hey ladies! Here is my experience. Of course, as with everything else, they change their answer for everyone... We all booked in January and so we did not pay the 11% tax. HOWEVER, because my brother changed his room assignment in April (broke up with the GF whose was going to be rooming with him and joined rooms with my other brother) they decided to charge him the 11% tax. That was one thing we had to "prove" to so called "guest relations". I don't understand why they could just take our word for it, considering everyone else in our 30+ group booked at the same time. What happene
  4. Thanks for all the love The wedding was fabulous!! I know I'm late updating you all, but better late than never! Here are a few pics from the big day (not professional) Here's a link to my online slideshow of pictures by FineArt Studio Mexico http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/oqeypopups.php?oqeyid=157 And here is my review of FineArt Studio http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/fineart-studio-photography/reviews
  5. Let me clarify... the days spent on the phone in tears were BEFORE I got to Mexico, not while I was there!
  6. Thanks! The pictures are priceless I bought the grooms tux from studiosuits.com I think it was about $135 for a custom suit! The guys got their pants there too, to match the groom's suit (including the dads). If you want any more info about the stuff from my day, my planning thread is http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/79242/summer12s-planning-thread-photos I hope this helps you guys! Keep fighting Moon Palace- customer service is not their strong point. We had a great time. Daniela Lara Elvira was our wedding planner once we got there. She was amazing. After our
  7. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/fineart-studio-photography/reviews Here's my review. They really were good!
  8. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/fineart-studio-photography/reviews Here's my review on FineArt Studio. They really were good!
  9. Hey! I got married at Moon Palace in June. I posted this on the 2012 MP bride forum, but I thought I'd share with you too... Anyways I got my long awaited wedding pictures from Fineart Studio Friday For those still deciding on a photographer- Fabrizio and Diego from Fineart Studio were awesome!! I'm not sure what hoops 2013 brides will be jumping through to get an off site photographer, but either way it's fun to look at other wedding pics! They showed up right on time and their pictures are fabulous. My main complaint is they took 14 weeks to get me my pictures. They mentione
  10. Hey friends! Sorry I have been MIA since my wedding! I have had every intention of doing a resort review but have been busy busy! I started graduate school a few weeks before my wedding and it, along with starting a new job, has consumed me! Plus, with all the writing I'm doing for school the thought of sitting down to do another write-up besides school work makes my belly hurt! Anyways I got my long awaited wedding pictures from Fineart Studio Friday For those still deciding on a photographer- Fabrizio and Diego from Fineart Studio were awesome!! They showed up right on time
  11. The picture makes them look a little oblong but they are circle. As you can see they have never been out of their packages. Great lanterns, I just didn't need them
  12. It's a Bisou Bisou dress, polyester/spandex fabric. I think the orginal price was about $80. Only worn once and stole the show
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