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  1. FutureMsMoulton, Glad you found the answers to your questions, let me know if you have any more. Best of luck to you in your wedding, I know it will be great Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton YEA I found it!! I have been looking for I can't tell you how long to see a photo from a beach wedding and my eyes welled up with tears because minus the runner to walk on (i want to feel the sand) its how i've always seen my wedding being!! Yours was so beautiful and touching. ) You answered all of my questions in your review and I THANK YOU SOOOO much for it!
  2. Hi Ladies, I placed the slideshow of my professional pictures on my review thread http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t41146 But I totally forgot to place it here. Anyway, Here's the link to the professional slideshow of my wedding at the Moon Palace (April 11, 2009) by Del Sol in case you have not seen it. 04.11.09 Ray And Rosa | Moon Palace Cancun | Photos by Matt and Sol Cheers!
  3. Camie, your review will be very helpful to future moon brides! Looking forward to the pictures of your wedding~!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by katiemcad This information is so great--has anyone heard anything about Father Benito Aguilar or what he's like? We're considering a Catholic ceremony, but I've heard mixed reviews about the clergy. Does anyone know what he's like or when you meet with him prior to the ceremony? Also, do all Catholic ceremonies there have to be a full Mass with communion or can you leave out communion? Anyone? Thoughts? Katie, my wedding was symbolic (non religious), so I can't really comment on religious ceremonies..I know that other brides on the Moon Palace thread in thi
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by NJ Hunnie HI MP Brides, does anyone have pics of the ceremony set up on the beach? and how much did it cost for the extras? Hi Hunnie, I posted a review of my beach wedding at the Moon Palace held on April 11, 2009 at the link below (it has pictures and the cost, my beach set up cost was $150). I loved the beach wedding! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t41146-5 Good Luck with your planning Rosie
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jodimichelle WOW- I didn't even finish your review-I am tired from working all day so I will invest more time into reading everything since you took YOUR time to write this! You looked great! Your dresses is gorgeous! Everything seemed/WAS soo perfect at least from your pictures and of course your review. I will read it again tomorrow with my fiance just in case i miss something. One question- When did you start planning everything? I just signed my contract, but the lady didn't say anything about leaving a deposit I just signed and had my credit card on
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by kstinson1503 What a great review; so informative!!! I'm sure it will be very helpful to other Moon Palace brides. I just love your hair; do you have a close-up pic of your hair, or do you have the inspiration pic that you used?? You looked beautiful; congratulations!!!! Thank you for your comments! Here's my inspiration picture: (The Knot.com has a gallery with tons of hair pictures, that is where I got this picture) Weddings Gowns Gifts, The Knot If you can't see the picture above, let me know and I will post the actual picture here.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Myen Congrats Cutierose!! Thanks so much for the in-depth reveiew, everything looks fantastic. I'm glad that the day went off without any major snags. I have a couple of questions as my MP wedding is coming up in 3 weeks - is it okay if I PM you? Of course you can PM me!!! Talk to you soon
  9. I have posted a very long and detailed Moon Palace Beach Wedding Review with lots of pictures and planning information here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t41146 Enjoy!
  10. CONCLUSION I highly recommend the Moon Palace and highly recommend the ceremony at the beach. It is wonderful that you can have a wedding at the beach, and still take pictures at the gazebo. It is priceless to have a wedding department at the hotel to assist you along the way (even when the wedding coordinator is not in the office) and a wedding coordinator in the United States. It was also not very expensive to have such a beautiful wedding, a wedding like the one I had would have cost about 50 times more in the states, but I got it at a bargain. I feel blessed to have had the good fort
  11. OTHER DECORATIONS FROM USA TO MEXICO: Cake Knife & Champagne Glasses Set (bought in downtown Los Angeles, you can buy similar at Walmart, I made the ribbon from double faced satin) I highly advise you take a cake stand!!! The one the Moon Palace provides is NOT really a cake stand but some plate covered with foil paper. Guest Book Picture Frame & Easel (Frame: SalinePictureFrame.com, Easel: Easels - Display Easel - Decorative Easels - Artist Easels - Office Easel) Wedding Ceremony Program Fans (I Made it): I bought thick pa
  12. BRIDESMAIDS ACCESSORIES: Dresses: Bought them through lightinthebox.com it takes about 4-6 weeks to get them back. They are inexpensive (but the shipping is expensive since it comes from China), you just need measurements. I chose the blue color on the palette, they don’t make custom colors. I had them tell me what kind of dress they wanted and I paid for them as a gift. Jewelry: I wanted a Breakfast at Tiffanny’s feel, so I bought them pearl sets of earrings, necklace, and bracelet, each set for about $25.00 at this place Endless Occasions Gift: We paid for one n
  13. BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: Bridal Dress: Custom Made. I picked out parts of the dresses I liked and put them together into my dress. I went to several stores, tried stuff on, and then realized I had to make my perfect dress that nobody else would have. I drew the dress I wanted, I told the dress maker the material to use, showed pictures of things I liked, and the dress maker did it. It is a risky move as the dress may not turn out the way you want it, in fact, my dress came back not looking exactly what I wanted and took it to two different tailors to finally get what I wante
  14. Welcome Bags (OOT Bags): People absolutely loved the OOT bags. My idea was to provide items that the Moon Palace didn’t provide in their rooms, so here’s a list of what the Moon Palace provides: •Toothpaste •Bubble Bath •Toothbrushes •Lotion •Shampoo & Conditioner •Razors •Vanity Kit: q tips and cotton balls These were the contents of my welcome bags/OOT bags: oBeach Bag: Everyone loved this bag because it is big enough to be a carry on bag as well, it has a zipper, outside bags, a little bag inside for money, the insi
  15. THE HOTEL: Grand Moon: I spent most of my time in the pool at the Grand Moon, there are chairs available all the time, they have cabanas, the pool is an infinity pool and it is much quieter than the Nizuc. Most of our guests hung out here as there was enough space for everyone at the pool to sit next to each other. They also have a restaurant next to the pool, if I wasn’t getting married, I would stay in this side of the resort. Sunrise: The Sunrise side is where the kids playground/pool is and LOTS of action. Nizuc is where I had all my rooms blocked. It was conven
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