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  1. OTC = Oriental Trading Company And they still sell them! http://www.orientaltrading.com/diy-wood-maracas-a2-57_1020.fltr?Ntt=maraca To paint the base, I marked them off with painters tape, then stuck them in a cardboard box and spray painted. I just used paint pens to wrtie on them. They last a long time too... my 2 year old is now playing with them, 6 years later!
  2. Thanks! Las Caletas is just beautiful and yay for being wedding date twins The best thing about the pashminas is that I like favors that are practical. It rained on our wedding so it was a little chilly and the pashminas came in handy. And today, my girlfriends still wear them. It is a nice reminder of a great day!
  3. Thanks! Here is the template: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/59470/autumn-s-oot-welcome-booklet
  4. Congrats Aimee!! You looked amazing, those pictures turned out awesome.
  5. I'm more with Lauren... engaged in January, picked a place in April, sent Save the Dates in May, sent Invites in September, asked for RSVP 1 month before wedding, got married in December. We had so many people from all over the US that it didn't make sense to set up room blocks. We gave out our TA info, some people used them, some didn't. 50 people showed up and everyone still comments about how much fun they had and want to know when and where we are renewing our vows
  6. Hi destie brides, I just saw this article saying that I Do I Do and Twirl bridal boutiques have closed in Phoenix. I hope no one in the area has ordered from them! If you did there are several local shops offering help in the comments section of the article. Or feel free to contact me as I have a veil, slip and accessories that I'd be willing to lend out. http://www.kpho.com/valleynews/28189425/detail.html
  7. Love it! You're guests are going to be so impressed! DH would have been so happy if he got to drink our invitations.
  8. Everything looks fabulous - so luvin' your monogram and colors! Yay for checking them off the list over a month before your wedding! And don't fret over the tequila... there will be plenty in Mexico
  9. Lauren already answered, but they also told me to come with clean, dry hair.
  10. As for the salon, it was pretty small. There is a room for 3 hair and makeup stations and then a smaller room for pedicures. I was the only one getting hair and makeup, but my un-bridesmaids did join in the fun. We went directly from brunch so we didn't have food there, but they did have mimosas. One of my girlfriends left a little early, stopped at the lobby bar and ordered champagne and some trays of food to be delivered to the room. The timing was perfect. Excuse the awful pictures, but I pulled out the ones from the salon: https://picasaweb.google.com/AutumnAndBrett09/DreamsPVSalon
  11. I put some toiletries in the bathroom near Las Palmas. It is open to the public, but I noticed that not many people use the bathrooms at the restaurants at night so I wouldn't worry about random people taking them. It was a nice touch that several of my guests commented on. Here are some pics. If you have room in your budget and luggage then go for it
  12. It was so worth it! This past Christmas we had several people send us pictures of the ornament on their tree. It was really random, but so nice to hear from our friends and fam that live far away.
  13. I would post on their facebook about the bars and clubs. We made friends with the activity coordinators and they came and found us every night to see if we wanted them to take us out in the town (for like $20/person). PV is not as touristy as Cancun or Cabo so most of the clubs are not dance on the tables crazy, especially if you go on a night when there is no cruise ship docked. We enjoyed Mandala, but no idea if it is still popular. While we were there the Sports Bar was always empty. So we enjoyed closing down the Lobby Bar and then the people still partying would head over to the Spo
  14. Hi girlies! This deal is available again today. Read the fine print as there are tons of restrictions, but it might be worth your while. Happy shopping http://livingsocial.com/deals/32273-50-to-spend-on-office-supplies
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