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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by natalie0131 I know this is probably going to be taken the wrong way and you're going to be quick to chastise me, but I really don't understand why you always make remarks asking people to go back and read previous posts when someone comes to the forum asking for help. I thought the forum was supposed to be a place where people can converse and ask questions. Not just read. There are (currently) 105 pages to this site with countless years of advice/experiences. I read through it all when I was sick. It took hours. I think you'll agree with me that some of the information that was true/relevant 2+ years ago may not still be accurate, so going back to review posts may be helpful, but it doesn't mean that it will completely answer the question. If it bothers you so much that people keep asking questions about the same thing, then I question why you continue to be on the board 2+ years after you got married. If it's to help people, then you may want to change your approach. Here's a link to my video & some pics. I started this thread!! It's been about a year for me, and I periodically come and check up on you brides to see how the Dreams planning is going!! We went back for our one year this past March and I was always chatting with Rebecca etc. We Love her!! Such a nice lady! Anyway I hope this will help you a bit! YouTube - Dreams Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding Sarah&James YouTube - kingjml1's Channel
  2. Whatever food you choose will be Fab!! All of it is incredible. I went with the chicken breast dish that way anyone who didn't like fish was safe. Besides with all the great resturants they can have fish ever other day they are there. I missed out on appitizers because we were getting our photos done on the beach, but all my guests couldn't stop raving about everything, the trip, the food, the wedding, "One of a kind" they called it. Don't you worry, pick the food YOU and Your Hubby like and you will be pleased!! after photos we were introduced coming up the stairs to Las Palmas terrace, and we had our own table and the food just starting flowing. I mean literally there are waiters standing around ready for any move. Haha I loved those guys! Can't wait to maybe see some of them next week! Our Destination wedding planner has recently told me she stayed at Dreams Vellimanga and said it was sooooo nice. It's so new that it ONLY HAS RAIN SHOWERS, SUITES...etc. so like the preffered tower but EVERYWHERE. We plan to stay at that one maybe this fall. My goal is to stay at all Dreams resorts at least once. Yeah, I know!! $$$$$ Oh well, Like I said before we are called Dreams Snobs now. Hahaha Anyway so excited to return, and maybe one of you Brides will be down there!?? Cheers Ladies!
  3. Waaaahoooo!! We just booked our trip back for our 1 year!! Leavin next Friday! So excited to just relax this time around. Anyone need me chat it up with Rebecca? Or even scoop something out let me know! I almost feel like I'm going to my other "Home" Im definetly a Dreams Snob now. Ha
  4. http://s596.photobucket.com/albums/tt48/slambert09/ Promovision photos & some Dreams Photos Promovision Wedding Trailer Sarah & James YouTube - Dreams Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding Sarah&James Here's a trailer of Promovision movie they did for use. Dreams also did Video/Photg. but for isle to first dance thats all. Honestly, the Dreams team did a great job, I just had no idea it was included in the Ultimate package. They took GREAT photos and the video they made is cute. About a 30 min. Spanish theme wedding movie, very sweet to look back on, but not at all long enough or professional. Not bad though. If you collaberate with them, they'll do a great job. you may have to pay xtra for the whole day though. Promovision said they got in the way just a little bit, but I don't mind, because we had more shots to choose from. And Promovision also did Videography for the day and the movie is more of a wedding movie style. The Dreams on is fun to look back on, but isn't totally professional like Promovision's. Again, if you collaberated Im sure it would turn out perfect eaither way. Here is us jumping into the pool, footage is by Promovision also, but this is just a clip http://www.youtube.com/user/kingjml1.../1/MavLmFR-Uus Hope you like and I hope it helps!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Bethany68 Hey Gals.... I am getting married at Dream April 17,2010!!! I have a few questions/worries! I havent been there so need help if possible! a) I booked the Gazbo...is the Oceana Beach Front nicer or better? Rebecca hasnt anwsered the past 2emails I sent usually she is good with this wonder what is going on?? c) Also I booked to have my reception in the ballroom scared to being dripping hot from being outside....do yall think I should change it? Has anyone seen the ballroom? I am kinda thinking the pool area may be a better choice! HELP! d) Does anyone have any good reccomendations on the food choices for the plated ceremony menu? HELP Beth Sorry, I ment to reply with this quote. See my recommendations above post.
  6. I got married their in March, and I believe the Gazebo was a great choice for us, we had the ceremony around 5pm with the sun setting, but the Gazebo gave enough shade to make the guest comfortable. GREAT VIEW BTW!!! The boys still sweated a little, so I recommend the Gazebo, besides, your ABOVE the beach, so get a view without a view of half naked people watching ur ceremony. I liked the Gazebo, more private and very cool walk down so my husband couldn't see me until I turned the corner around the bushes. HAVE UR RECEPTION OUTSIDE TRUST ME!! The ballroom is at the back of the resort, so kinda away from the beautiful Beach. We had our reception at Las Palmas Terrace, by the Gazebo near the pool. Again, best choice!! You have the sun setting behind some trees, so it's not hot at all around dinner time. Then in the evening, it's great for dancing...and Do what I did...JUMP IN THE POOL!(and the ocean) And Its MEXICO, who wants to be inside in MEXICO? also, everyone in the old tower can look down on ur wedding and wish they were there!! Haha. When we jumped in the pool, it was like paparazzi on the balconies of the rooms, everyopne was flashin' pics and shouting yeah to us! it was AWSOME!! The nxt day everyone at the resort is like "Did u see that wedding last night? They JUMPED IN THE POOL". I said...Yeah that was me actually!! I loved it!! Well there is my 2 cents. I do recommend those locations though. If u get married by the resturants, everyone can watch. The Gazebo, people only get a glimpse and wish they could see more! Heehee.. ;0 Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  7. http://s596.photobucket.com/albums/t...view=slideshow These are only some of the photos, I have a video too...Im workin' on it ladies! ;p
  8. The honeymoon pkg, was free champagne, message(AWSOME), Private 2 person dinner on the beach,...ummm just so much I wouldn't worry...
  9. I just have to post this because of what some of your worries are ladies. I had the Ulitmate Wedding Pkg. w/ 7 nights so yeah, we had the free honeymoon pgkg. Ill tell you all right now...DON'T WORRY!!! I know it's hard not to, but trust me! The Spa was Fab!! Even the SWEDISH message, both my husband and I fell asleep!! The Spa can be a little hard to figure out, because they are a small operation. THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!! No need to book ur wedding spa pkgs 2 months. I did mine the week before we got there and just stopped in to confirm when we arrived. Rebecca IS THA BOMB!! She always does whatever you need with a smile! Actually, Heck...everyone is AWSOME their. Look for tall Victor, the drink guy, he will treat you sooooo good. I even picked my bouguet 2 DAYS before the ceremony, and it was FINE!! Rebecca has ALL the Puerto Vallarta contacts you good ask for. Now that mine is all set and done, I think the Spa just gets annoyed by Brides that seem so worried, when they will go above and beyond for whatever your need. I had my hair and makeup done the day of, and it was FAB!! The only outside things I brought were my chair colored saches and some sea shell stuff for the tables. But for a cost Rebecca will get all that there for you! Just be for-warned that the only probebly was you get a free video/photog from the resort with that pkg./ but we had hired outside help to cover more of the day, as Dreams had a limit to what they photographed. Now BOTH were AMAZING, but the Dreams crew got in the way a little of our actual hired photog/Video guy. Also keep in mind the DJ should defently have a song list, he is kinda dated! Hahah But nice all the same. YouTube - Dreams Puerto Vallarta Sarah & James Wedding
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by raul_roxl Here is a video where you can see all about the Hotel Dreams. YouTube - Hotel Dreams Weddings Puerto Vallarta "Professional Video Service" That is sooo funny!! Me and my hubby are in this video!! Best Wedding ever ladies!! Thats our wedding at the beginning of the video, and the talking part. CRAZY! I had Promovison do the video and photography. It cost me about 2,000.$ and I had 6 copies of the movie and 3 copies of the pictures all done onto DVD by the day we laft. He came back to give it to us and wish us well. Best deal out there and great work. The shots of us in this video are from the included free package that you get. But I had also hired an outside photog/Videog. (Promovision) Just to be safe, and have more.
  11. YouTube - Dreams Puerto Vallarta Sarah & James Wedding This is Our Wedding Teaser Trailer from Promovision~ March 10th 2009 Awsome wedding, awsome resort and Rebecca Rocked! She is So sweet! We did Ceremony, and reception all here at Dreams. The only things I'd change are to make sure your DJ has a song list, otherwise it will be a little 80's. As well I would have got an outside cake if I could, but no outside food aloud so I had to live with there's. But whatever! All is done and No regrets! Best time of my life. We jumped into the pool at the end of the evening! Wahooo! so fun! The bridesmaids went ocean swimming later that night in their dresses too! I thought chlorine was enough for my dress, no need to add salt to that! haha~ This video is a little blury but I hope to post a better clip later. YouTube - Awsome Wedding Party Pool Jump And finally here is a Photo Montage of our day. We have much better shots, but their not in this montage, it also takes a moment to load up! puerto-vallarta-weddings: Sarah & James Wedding Photo Presentation Hope it works, and I hope you Brides and Groom's ENJOY the Day! It goes sooooo fast! xoxox All me Love Ladies
  12. I had my hair done there as well as makeup, and it awsome!! The spa is GREAT, so nice and peacefull. Here's a link to Promovision's trailer as well next to it is our photo montage. I can't seem to get a pictureon here of my hair, so you can take a look there for now, but hopefully I can get around to putting more stuff up here. The photo montage wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, so I have made another but it's only on facebook. I will post it here soon, in the meantime, please enjoy the clip. hahahaha http://http://puerto-vallarta-weddings.magnify.net/
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