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  1. If you are still trying to decide on this, we went on a sunset cruise with all of our guests. We had 25 people, it was 60 bucks per person and had an open bar, cheese crackers and stuff. We paid to upgrade to chicken sliders and chicken satay. It was awesome, we just had a good time. We did the garter and bouquet toss on the boat. The cruise was from like 5 to 7 and sailed by St. Johns. The name of the boat was the daydreamer and left from the Wyndhem
  2. Yes I second this part of the wording change! Again, i understand your frustration!
  3. oriental trading company has them for like 10 bucks for 12. That isnt that much more than needed. Its probably cheaper than shipping from Canada. http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse/processRequest.do?sku=34/1124&requestURI=processProductsCatalog&cm_mmc=bv-_-34/1124-_-34/1124-_-34/1124
  4. WOW! That tone is way to harsh in MHO. I know its frustrating when people dont RSVP, but that is part of weddings. I also think that March is a little soon for an RSVP for an October wedding, again MHO. My wedding is in June and I dont anticipate a firm number until April or May, but that's something I will deal with because I know its not easy for people to 100% commit to something so expensive. Also, regular wedding usually have an RSVP about a month before a wedding. Wouldnt it be nice if all Brides could demand a head count 8 months in advance? I am sorry, but your tone is well.... yes... rude.... Sorry!
  5. Oh, i should mention..... Most people are arriving on Sunday and the wedding is Wed. Originally the plan was to do it Thursday but his best man (his brother), sister in law, niece and nephew and his mom all decided to fly out Thursday. So I was trying to figure away to include them, but I am not sure if they would go on the sail anyway. If we dont do the group thing the day of the wedding. The wedding would be at 11:00 and then I would ask people to meet back up at 7 if they wanted for dancing, etc. I feel bad for not having a reception, but we are having an AHR.
  6. Hi Ladies, I would love your thoughts and honest opinions on this. I am getting married in St. Thomas in June. It started as a small event with maybe 5-10 people coming but now 35 people are coming. I had already picked the Wyndham for the ceremony. Unfortunately, they dont allow me to just make reservations for more than 10 people at their restaurants so my only option is to rent space for a reception ($1500) and pay per head for a reception, an average of $70.00 a head, NOT including drinks. I found this to be absurd, and refuse to pay that kind of money. We just cant afford it. So I moved the ceremony to 11:00 a.m. with cake and champaign after and planned on having everyone else meet up at night time for drinks and dancing at one of the bars (its all inclusive). We were already going to organize a group outing that was optional for guests on one of the days we are there. We were thinking a sunset drinking sailing trip to St. Johns from 5pm to 6:30 because the boat leaves from the Wyndham. The price is $65.00 per person and those that don't want to go don't have to. Is it tacky to do this the day of the wedding? Since I am not doing a reception, is it making it seem like I am asking people to pay for a mini reception? If it is the day of the wedding, they have an upgraded appetizer thing during the sail that I can add to the trip that I CAN afford to pay for. Thoughts?
  7. Hi ladies! I was just at Bath and Body Works and they have their mini Island Escape candles on sale 3 for $5.00. They have many different 'island' smells and are normally $3.50 each. I bought a little bit of all of them. Here is a pic. I put them next to my blackberry for scale and Ozzie couldnt stop smelling them for me to snap a pic. http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=11128740&cp=2484529
  8. ok then I would write an email like the post above suggested.. saying something to the effect of.... You know as a Bride to be that she is probably crazy busy with planning. But you havent heard from her and that you are not sure what to do. That you dont want to just not show if she has already reserved a meal and place seating for her but you havent received an invitation. On the other hand, you TOTALLY understand if you want to cut back on the guest list and that you have nothing but good wishes for her and hopes she has fantastic wedding.
  9. I think it is probably an oversite. She is probably crazy business if her wedding is next month. However, you have already contacted her 2x and she still hasnt sent it? How long has it been since the last contact?
  10. I stole this idea from someone on the board. They just came in from 123print and they were super cheap!
  11. Its today's living social deal. I bought one, and they sent me this link to share. It says 15 more hours to buy. http://t.livingsocial.com/track/1380417780-3f20054b17ae1fd2921afe1a510691f9?url=http://livingsocial.com/deals/25957?ref%3Demail-jp%26rpi%3D6257585
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