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  1. Thanks ladies...i am glad you are all enjoying always happy to bring sunshine to other brides
  2. YAY for all the April brides with upcoming weddings...cant wait to hear your stories and see all your pics!!! lots of luck and love to all of you XO
  3. Hi there congrats on picking your resort and date...its very exciting and you will LOVE PPC! I was married this past October at PPC and i absolutely loved everything. I personally found arrecife to be very rude and pushy and to boot, expensive!!!!!!! I brought an outside photographer and got my day of pics, all day and night, Trash the dress and a regular photo shoot around the resort (i used these as my engagement pics since we never had any done)...my photog also included my boudoir shoot here in Ottawa. On top of that i got ALL of the pics on a usb drive (i ended up with about 3000 between all the photo shoots) he edited his favorite pics (200 pics +) and i was able to go back if i had other favs i wanted him to edit. It cost me the cost of his trip and that was it! I highly recommend you shop around. If you can make arrangements to pay someones trip, you will get so much more for your money and you wont have to pay the vendors fee
  4. Norma, WOW~~ good work, you are stunning. Since you may have the write up for the other ladies, i'd love it if you could share your cleanse and diet/excercise tips as well with me? <3 XOXO
  5. Hi cdc I hosted a welcome dinner the day after we got there and we handed them out to everyone that evening as we thanked them all for being there with us...it worked well that way and everyone shared in the excitement together as they looked at all their stuff
  6. I have a solution for that...i used this company for several purchases with companies that only shipped within the US.... http://www.myus.com/en/alias-landing/
  7. wooooooooooooooo those are awesome! great find!
  8. Hi Krysta...Jack Johnson is definitely a good choice like the other ladies have suggested. I am biased though since i walked down the aisle to one of his songs I used the hawaiin version of better together because it felt tropical and better together is mine and hubbies song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2KYTOw5Fm4 I always loved this song, its very upbeat in comparison to Jack Johnson and a fun one...always makes me smile when i hear it young folks peter bjorn and john http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIRE6iw-ws4&ob=av2n i also got your PM and will put some stuff together for you to look at That's very exciting. congrats on booking a date...now the planning REALLY begins
  9. Hi Krysta I have this really cute idea that might work for you....it brings a bit of beach home Hopefully i can explain this right....Think folded cards with a die cut window for the front of the card (any size and placement you want) on the inside you would have those mini zip locks from the dollar store and you could fill them with sand and mini sea shells and glue it to the frame of the window....the paper then folds over and glues so you wouldnt see the ziplock....so basically when the card is open and in its raw un-glued form it would be 3 panels.....does that make sense??? super cute and really easy to do. If it doesnt make sense PM me and i will send you some sketches and explain in more detail Definitely unique and super pretty not sure how DIY you want to get though! WOOOOOOOOOOOO thats awesome...who did you go with? welcome back MRS! how exciting. Cant wait to see your planning thread and pics. congrats. definitely Amazon like one of the other ladies said and also beyondtherack
  10. Whats the theme of your wedding? color theme? Item theme (star fish etc) did you want the beachy feel for your AHR?
  11. awwww thanks and no problem. Thought i would share because the "bigger" dresses always get written off for DW and i was reading the uncertain bride posts....DEFINITELY GO WITH YOUR GUT!!! I'm so glad I did We rented the catamaran through our tour operator representative. When we had the orientation meeting and she was describing all the tours and excursions i told her what i wanted and i didnt want to be with a group of other people so she made a few calls and for $240 and we rented the catamaran for half a day including transportation to and from resort. It was for our TTD....that pic was the only pic in the bunch from the TTD the next day. the Catamaran owner was great and really enjoyed the experience..he got in the water and helped with my dress and everything....it was worth every penny and we got some great pics that day
  12. Thanks so much Krysta! Put it this way.....you are on a beach, under the sun....you are going to be hot if you got married in a bathing suit That's what i told myself when making my decision. Just make sure you have bottles of water handy to stay hydrated (that applies to any dress and any one). I was sweaty under my dress for sure but i would lift it a little now and then to air out LOL and there was a nice breeze by the beach so it wasnt so bad and as you can see in the pics i'm not a sweaty mess I think you need to wear what you love...its your chance and your one special day! do what makes you happy and feel like a queen! I was going to change out of my dress but i wanted to wear my wedding dress for as long as possible! I think you are asking me since this post came soon after i posted the pics LOL so if so, its made by Allure and the model is 8810 Thanks so much! I actually brought a photographer with me (he is also a friend) his name is Denis Murphy of Studio Four 30. You are going to love PPC! I agree!!!!!!!!! if you wear something to please someone else you will regret it forever AMEN!
  13. I always thought the same about "bigger" dresses for a beach wedding until i fell in love with my dress and went with it anyway....it ended up looking amazing in pics and i loved it So dont discount the bigger dress yet ladies Happy Dress shopping! <3
  14. my hubby wont let me dress my dogs LOL
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