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  1. Anniversary return to Secrets Maroma! Anybody return for their anniversay nights?? I am currently trying to book for May 5, 2012 for our return of anniversary nights and it turns out to be a total rip off...... they say 2 nights are free, but I am not sure if its Apple Vacations or Secrets....they want you to book airfair and hotel separate which turns out to be alot more money and no real discount. Now, i lovvvvvveeee Secrets Maroma.........so I really wanna go back for our anniversary, but not for a price tag of $5000.00 for an anniversary... Can anyone help?? Nemmerz
  2. The jungle is a home to these creatures. They are harmless. Just dont feed them. There was one or two there that hang out on the rocks. They wont bother you unless you antagonize them. We found them entertaining, the are so cool, but I can see where some people are freaked out...........LOL
  3. Must be that time of year, we never saw one!! hmmm, we got married May 5th.
  4. I got married May 5th, Initially i had some troubles getting my dates confirmed, i think its just because we have just a sense of urgency and trust me Cecilia is a one woman circus and runs it well........... But you have to kinda nag her sometimes, she has to email you a contract saving your date, you sign it and scan it and email it back, you then have to send her a deposit depending on what wedding package you have picked. she cannot save you day until she receives your contract and deposit, she will put on hold on that date for quite a while as you sign contract and send deposit. I would send an email a day until i got an answer, she gets TONS of email and if you sent if two weeks ago, its buried by now.... I would also call, I did. they both speak pretty good english. When the resort answers, they will answer in spanish, but just ask to talk with Cecilia and they will put you through to her.... You have picked the most WONDERFUL place to get married,dont worry they will make sure your wedding is perfect, Cecilia is a perfectionist and loves her job!! She is just sooooooooo busy, and you will see that for yourself once you get there and as a guest you watch her flutter around the resort everyday..... You made the right choice, but sometimes she doesnt answer right away, Yes there are other resorts that answer you right away, BUT she makes up for it when your wedding gets closer, she does answer you quickly and makes all your demands happen...... Good luck....now worries... Feel free to email me if you have any further concerns dlk1613@aol.com
  5. Thanks They arent De Sol photos though I wanted people to see also that not everyone can afford De Sol.......LOL.......I couldnt !! So my pics are awesome, but no trickery photography.....but i still luv em " And if you cant afford the FAncy photographers the other photographers can do them also, they all just dont have underwater cameras Or have the ability of illusion of fire .....
  6. I also did a BD shoot for my HUBBY, he couldnt believe the pics I took (I wont post any, he will get upset with me...LOL) He looks at it all the time, ladies you will be amazed and how your husband looks at you, but you dont really look at yourself that way. My hubby just LITE UP!!! Anywayz, that was my present to my HUBBY.... May 2011 Riveria Maya
  7. Out off all my wedding pics, everyone thought my TTD pics were the best and most unique and really captured our love. I would tell anyone to go it, its one of the benefits of doing a DW right?? Why not?? This was my second wedding and my first wedding dress is still under my bed. On a good note about your dress afterwards, truly its CLEAN, really you wouldnt think so but it was so clean, the ocean and salt do an awesome job of cleaning it, I did not have one stain, and we rolled all over the beach...LOL Cinco De Mayo 2011 in Riveria Maya Mexico
  8. wow Maggie impressive I love them, so very nice I sent thank you cards similiar but made them cards so I could hand write on them. Im kinda old fashion that way....
  9. Danni I havent run into that problem yet, but I am getting people that all want to bring food....... I guess ppl do just think its a picnic..... I guess they are as confused as I am.... Oh, if they all could be on the forum!! LOL BTW, dont second guess having an AHR, ppl making those comments just arent happy for you, so that is my guess anyway. I have not had one of those comments, so......... maybe some ppl just have to say some crappy things sometimes Just forget about it, and they dont have to attend if they feel that way........no biggie
  10. We are doing a backyard Mexican Fiesta AHR.......LOL Im stressing tho.............i am more worried about the decor....... I have bought some "fiesta" stuff, but dont want it to look cheezy ya know. Its funny too.............so many ppl ask if they can bring food.......uh NO.....i really was hoping for some gifts ,hahahaha, have you found ppl find it more picnicy??? I just dont know what to expect!!
  11. We all have the wedding blues...............my hubby thinks i am NUTZ All i do is research good deals about going back. Im obsessed....... We were going to go to the Outer Bank, NC but i just cant do back to that brown nasty ocean water when you can have the Carribean, I seriously cancelled our trip to the outer banks and hoping to return to the Riveria Maya in October. I became friends with my photographer in Cancun and she is going to keep in touch about deals down there. I think we all need to keep in touch about awesome deals. I saw a guy from Travel Magazine on Rachel Ray and he said the best deals are found 3 months before you leave......its more expensive when you plan a year to 6 months away.............How about that??? So if anyone finds any kick ass deals to anywhere in the Carribean please post!!! WE CAN STILL DO THIS GIRLS..............YEARLY!! MAYBE 2X A YEAR.....!! WE WERE CAREFREE THERE, WE ALL NEED MORE OF THAT IN OUR LIVES...... Anybody wanna open a Snorkle Shop with me??...LOL.........JK (i wish)
  12. Cecilia is the BOMB.she can multi task like nothing i have ever seen She did everything i requested and more..... You see that woman run all over the resort making sure things are perfect I never meet Valeria or had any relations with her... Wish I could help.......out with the Valeria situation, its unfortunate because Cecilia is Just that GOOD.....
  13. Anybody wanting to go back already?? O M G...i cant stop thinking about going back... I research it all the time.............. Anybody else feel like that??
  14. June, We just got married May 5. First you are gonna love it some advice.....at the time i was there the Hacienda was blocked by a man who said no trespassing,,,so I needed a $20 bill to get in, plz carry some cash with you to the Hacienda....(but we went there often cuz its awesome, it just so happened that man was there on my wedding day, but no worries Cash will you get you everything in Mexico) Second, do not worry about the guests waiting for you to get back, my guest waited also, its what happens at a wedding..Right?? I think they can entertain themselves for awhile!! Its your wedding remember, I am sure they wont mind at all!! third, i think the music is a waste, in my opinion, it will be hard to hear it on the beach and Cecilia keeps you under a Palap under the bride is ready to walk anyway....just some advice from someone who has done it. Hair at 3pm.............they did my hair fantastic, but it only took them 45 min and I have alot of hair, so consider sitting around for almost 2 hours with you hair done.........??
  15. Elle, Originally i was going to do 11am but switched to to 3pm 11am will be just as great as any other day especially if that day is special to you. I would suggest NOT the gazebo, it is busy in that area during the daytime hours, there will swimmers behind you and the swim up bar in right behind you too....so I suggest NOT doing the Gazebo, did it ON THE BEACH.. Then after the wedding do a luncheon...... How many ppl are you expecting?? that will determine if 11am will work or not for you..... How formal do you want your reception?? Nemmerz, May 5, 2011
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