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  1. Jaccat15 - Good luck with everything! We had no problem getting the grooms room the night before. Just asked Cecilia when we got there and it was no problem. I think if it's not a full capacity there won't be any problem.
  2. Â Definitely email with Cecilia about making the spa appointments in advance. We discussed what times would be best that day and I told her how many I needed for hair and make up...then she made the appts with the spa. Of course I confirmed the appts again when I arrived.
  3. Mellyrobert- They closed the world cafe for our reception. Although I don't think that restaurant is even open all that much for dinner. We originally looked into having our reception in Portofino and cecilia said we probably could have it there but wouldn't be able to have a dj b/c they can't turn off the piped in music in just one restaurant. Well I really don't think that's the case since they play different music in every restaurant, but I didn't push for it. Portofino was open every night we were there this past week. I think it's pretty popular since it's Italian. So I wouldn't plan on i
  4. Congrats! I got married there July 11 2009. We just went back for our anniversary. I just as beautiful as ever! You're going to love it!
  5. Glad it was helpful! The bonfire was so much fun!!! I was so focused on the wedding day that I really left the welcome dinner in their hands...aside from picking the food and putting the music together. We were pleasantly suprised at how lovely everything looked when we arrived at the beach that evening. The set up was wonderful and the service was top notch. I would highly reccommend it to anyone, if it's in the budget. Quote: Originally Posted by pryncesslinda Congrats on your wedding! Thanks so much for your review.... soooo helpful! Your pics are georgeous a
  6. I think if you just do a search for Secrets Maroma Beach you will find wedding review threads for people married there. Also, mine should be a link at the bottom of this post. Quote: Originally Posted by pryncesslinda general question: how can i find the wedding review page for SMB on here? I cant seem to find it. do we have one? im trying to get ideas for centerpeices and set-ups.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by knitgirl13 Now, if it was a DJ I could justify the costs but we said we'd bring music on an IPOD. I wrote back and told her we wouldn't need the use of it, but she just said ok and left the contract the same... I'm not comfortable signing it... Ugh, it's stressing me out already. I considered just switching to Excellence Playa because their coordinator seems more helpful, but my fiance really prefers SMB and the beach looks amazing so I don't know... Here's what it says on the contract: Sound Stereo System for Ceremony $180 usd +10% tax $ 199.80 (speake
  8. I had a TERRIBLE experience with destinationweddings.com! Just awful! I think I wrote about it in the destinationweddings.com thread or in my wedding review thread. I'm happy for the people that have had good experiences with them, but I actually stopped using them half way through the planning b/c my agent was THAT bad. We got much better deals negotiating with the resort ourselves.
  9. Yes, I used the spa for my makeup! :-) Quote: Originally Posted by Dayla911 New York, You had the spa do your makeup right??
  10. We just used martha stewart invitations. We used the wording on the template from the website: Print Your Own Stationery at Print.MarthaStewart.com Quote: Originally Posted by cheerleader1975 Hi New York - would you mind sharing your wedding invitations? I am having a terrible time with the inserts and wording. And thanks for your details on your wedding - this will be very helpful in November
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by SophieInLove Im getting married in December and was considering Secrets Marona, newyork6156 I loved your detailed review, it was very helpful. All the Best to you! you're welcome!! Let me know if you have any questions!
  12. I had the bonfire welcome dinner and it was great. The wait staff was really good. Actually running to get anything we needed. You can read about it by clicking on my review below. Let me know if you have any particular questions. We had 26 people and we were allowed to have the full buffet dinner not just apps. They are really good at working with you, all you have to do is ask. The worst they could say is no.
  13. We did welcome bags and had them handed out at the front desk as our guests checked in. We only had about 15 bags and they didn't charge us extra to hand them out. We were going to have them in the rooms, but then realized that our guests may get upgraded upon arrival and didn't want the confusion of moving the bags around. It worked out really well leaving them on a table behind the front reception desks.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Mandiland Any suggestions for a DJ? I have suggestions on who I would not to use...check my review.
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