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  1. I have decided to get the love of my life a gift certificate for a tattoo place. He wants to cover up a tattoo he has on his chest....what better way to remember the start of our wedded days together with a fresh tattoo!
  2. I LOVE it!! beautiful pick!! Guess pearls are in this year. Got that for my bridesmaids for their gifts/jewellry!
  3. My bridesmaids are wearing a sandal shoe that matches their dresses. Got them from Avon. They look great!! They are light and have lots of spaces in them.
  4. They arrived on Thursday! I think they are quite cute! I am very impressed with the jewels. Can't wait to see what they look like in the actual bouquets!!
  5. I still have yet to make a decision.....but thanks for all the great ideas!!
  6. Oops.....I guess a website would help,eh? It's dreammakerwed.com. It's great!! I haven't received my package yet but will update if I'm impressed or not.
  7. Found a Canadian website that carry the same charms for all those Canadian girls out there. I tried that website and you can't order online if you live outside the States. You have to call a toll free number and they only work 9a.m.-12 noon. Who works those hours??? Anyway this website is in Canadian funds and actually cheaper!! Sweet!
  8. Thanks for the link!! They look soooo cute and ideal for my bridesmaids!
  9. Thanks for the website.....have some great ideas! Been wondering about what to get.
  10. I would like to know if you are getting your fiance a gift for the wedding day. Ideas would help too. Thanks!!
  11. We are staying at the hotel we are having our wedding at for the first week and then going to another place for the honeymoon for 2 weeks. Oh yeah,we are making the most of it!!
  12. Hi!! Need help in figuring out how much to tip the wedding coordinator. Do you need to tip the chefs,servers,etc and how much? Thanks!!
  13. Hi ladies! Â I am getting married in January 2011 in Barbados! Yay!! I think PrincssScorpion7 that you have made a fine choice!!! I only have less than 4 months but the place I am getting married is absolutely fantastic!!!. The wedding coordinator is soooo helpful. I disagree that it's expensive there. There are so many options you can choose from. It depends on what you want. Â We do not have to have any documentation from home before we get married there. We checked with our local registry. Just call the local department and they'll be happy to let you know if you need any extra documentation,etc. Â We are going to be 3 days before our wedding and we do not need to be there a long time for a waiting period. Â I hope this helps!!
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