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  1. everything has changed! we're (semi) eloping!! what a relief
  2. Well, we were going to get married in April, but we're eloping (semi-eloping, our parents are coming with us) in October! October 9th is the big day, and we're having our ceremony out at the Valley of Fire and then coming back to the strip for dinner at Mix or Top of the World. I'm so psyched. WAY better than planning a wedding!
  3. Panda that bun was great! With your hair pulled back like that it looks like you didn't even need to perm it at all. I love that hubby didn't know about the xtra hair lol. Â Congrats on the lovely wedding, new MRS! Â Â Â
  4. Oh my goodness!!! Thank you all SO MUCH for the kind words!!! Â I'm actually getting married in either a garden or near a waterfall so, no beach, but still perfect for our venue. Â As for hair, I am thinking half up half down and curly or wavy. Â Thanks again for the positive response. I'm just so happy to have this taken care of!!!
  5. Thanks girls. Â I inquired at Joes Seafood n Stone Crab (?) Lawrys, Mixx. Â Right now Joes is a decent option... we'll see how it plays out
  6. Wow that's a showstopper!! Congrats on finding the one!!! PS the birdcage veil with it...perfect!
  7. And I wasn't even going to try this one on! Â I'm so happy to report I found my dress at Davids, and it was super inexpensive. Â I'm going to try to post pics but if I fail: this is a link to the dress itself on my blog: http://okdan.blogspot.com/2010/08/guess-who-found-her-dress.html And this is a link to me in it: http://okdan.blogspot.com/2010/08/dress-bb-pics.html I'm so excited to have gotten a big thing done! Wahoo!!! Â Â Â Â Â I'm so happy
  8. SDSTEPH - I've got more questions. Â My dream of having an ensuite wedding is crushed due to the size of our group. Â the only place that can accommodate us wont allow outside catering and costs too much for us. Â What restaurants would you recommend I check out on the strip or nearby to it that can do a chill reception for possibly 50-60 people? Â Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  9. I would LOVE to elope!!! Â FI is against it....whatevs. Â I'm not having a shower, bachelorette party, traditional reception anyway so for me it's nothing to miss. Â You have to think about what's IMPORTANT TO YOU!!! Â If eloping will make you happy, do it. Â If you fear regrets then you should reconsider and save up to have the wedding you truly want at a later time. or plan a cheapie wedding you can afford.
  10. BridelovingCJ check out www.luxuryhairplus.com call Lisa (the owner) and she will hook u up with some incredible quality hair.
  11. Maybe firefly for the apps drinks - it's a tapas place downtown with a great view (so i hear) that people are raving about on the knot forums.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Mimi83 6. Another way to take clear (and stylized! Lol) pictures of a diamond is to place it on something that has texture, like inside a flower; this will allow the camera to focus better. that was my tactic. great tips.
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