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  1. Sent starfish out today. Hopefully it will get to its next destination in enough time-although I am thinking it may not be enough time. I dont know how long it takes things to get to canada. Sorry that I caused confusion and upset others by being added to the list. I just wanted to be apart of it and now I'm thinking 8 days just wasn't enough time. Again I'm sorry. Good luck to everyone else. Hope it reaches its destination safely. -Mrs. JRJ
  2. Well tomorrow is my wedding and no starfish to be seen. I'm very disappointed. Hope everyone else's worked out.
  3. Yes 9 days is enough time for me. Thanks again!!
  4. I would like to join 'dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up' Â My travel dates are Oct 14-16th Las Vegas, NV Â Thanks.
  5. These are so adorable. Seriously I want one just to show people. What a creative idea. Congrats.
  6. I think we've decided that we are going to have a small reception/party when we get back. Nothing extravagant but something that at least we'll remember and our familes can be apart of. Thanks for all the advice.
  7. I saw that there might be quite a few of us who are getting married in Vegas in October and thought maybe we could all talk about what were doing and the types of things were doing while were there. Any elopements? Big weddings? Small weddings? Any ideas on where youre eating while your there? What youre going to do after the ceremony...if youre not having a big wedding? Any shows that you're going to? Me and FI are trying to come up with ideas but keep finding ourselves saying we'll wait till we get there. It'd be nice if other people had some ideas. haha. Like I've said in a few other forums my date is 10.15.10 and we're eloping so it's just us to. Looking forward to hearing from some of you. (Hopefully )
  8. Hi. I'm getting married October 15th, 2010 @ one of the Chapels (Las Vegas Weddings). It's a little different than I originally planned but I think it's going to be really sweet and alot of fun. Very excited if anyone has any tips on places to eat or things that you just have to do while there please let me know. We're staying at the Vdara and we're eloping so it's going to be a HUGE surprise when we get back.
  9. I am getting married in October of this year and we're doing it at a chapel and staying at the Vdara. I too have never been to Vegas but have found that so far the Vdara has been nothing but extremely helpful. The concierge has been an incredible help and the hotel is still new so from the pictures it looks amazing. (I will let you know more upon my return). However, I have already experienced the overpricing on the wedding photos from the chapel and will say if I could have another option I wouldn't be using their services. But we're going to take our camera and have fun. Our budget is 2k and we're finding it very easy to stay within that and still have something memorable and nice. Good Luck
  10. That's kind of my mindset....if you don't like it tough. I just feel that this way is almost more special at least to me and honestly I'm way more excited then I was when I was planning a bigger wedding. The amount of stress is almost zero. Thanks for the input it makes me feel better to know you don't have to be traditional. Perhaps I'll have the bachelorette party after I get back too.
  11. My fiance and recently decided after many hours of planning and unplanning deciding and undeciding that we're eloping in Vegas on 10-15-10. I am just wondering if I am going to regret this? We didn't have the money to do a big wedding and no one was willing to help us with the cost so this is the most logical and special way to do it. I feel that it should be about us and not so much everyone else but I'm scared that I'm missing out on things. No bachelorette party, no wedding shower, no bridesmaids, no nothing. Is this normal? Did you all feel this way at some point? And what about after do you still regret it or do you love your decision? I obviously can't change it now and I dont' want to I just want to know that there's someone else that maybe feels the same way.
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