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  1. Hi ladies! I am at the resort now and they have set up for a wedding, is it one of yours?
  2. Hi ladies! I'm here at the resort and they are setting up for a wedding. Would love to say hi! Is it one of yours?
  3. There used to be a referral link (exclusive to us) that we could email to friends to invite them to the forum. I no longer see it and am wondering if someone could point me to it.
  4. Hi all, I've already searched the FAQ's but I'm not seeing the link. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  5. Hey ladies! Just checking in. I'm glad the spreadsheet is working out for you!
  6. Hi ladies!!! It's been forever since I have been on here!!! Married life (and work) keeps me super busy. Congrats to all the new and soon to be Mrs :-). We were married on December 11, 2010. Our wedding was so PERFECT!!! The staff at the resort is awesome. I am sooooo jealous of you all who are still in your planning stages. For hair, I used Doranna and for the DJ-Doremixx. I am still planning on posting a review (eventually) but I will make it my business to check in to see if you guys have any questions. Once again, Congrats!
  7. For OOT bags/gifts, I found the pashmina wraps and a nice quality up north in the WIlson & Clark shopping area. You can also negotiate the prices.
  8. Yup! You spelled it right! I would DEFINITELY recommend doing the video! We went with the sunrise package. Instead of having them follow us on a shoot, we had the videographer spend time before the wedding in the guys room and the girls room. It's really cool seeing what the mood was like/behind the scenes before the wedding. Right after the wedding, we had him record special messages that the guests wanted to say to us. It was really cool. We got it about 5 days after the wedding (we said in Mexico for another week) and they delivered it to our second resort. Overall, I was pleased, but upset that they didn't get us inking and stamping our thumbs. I emailed them and asked them to put chapters on the DVD-you may want to do that beforehand and asked them about the thumbprints. The excuse i was given is right at that time the photographer got in the way. So I asked, well, we each had t ink and stamp 4 certificates so you should have some footage. They basically responded saying they didn't, but if we had a photo they would attach it to the video and offered us 2 extra copies for the inconvenience. If I had to do it all over again, I would DEFINITELY do it. DH and I both regret not doing the reception too (if you have the extra $-it is expensive). Kshows, I can't believe your day is coming up so soon!!! I m so jealous! Your FI is gonna LOVE the photos-you look HOT girl!
  9. Hey Lisa! Cute pics from your AHR! Thanks for the compliment. Our wedding was 12-11 and we were sent the link to all of our pics the first week in January. Did yo ever get your video?
  10. I almost forgot, we didn't give the DJ our song or announcement/special song list until the day before the ceremony and he had them ALL!
  11. Hi ladies, I wanted to share a few of our shots! Let me know what you think! http://www.victorherrera.com.mx/blog/?p=2230
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